June 29, 2022

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Study: The origin of man on earth is earlier than thought

Study: The origin of man on earth is earlier than thought

The researchers said they used fingerprints Geochemistry In examining the dense ash layer on top of fossils with fossils, to confirm that the eruption was caused by a volcanic eruption in a large part of Ethiopia about 233,000 years ago.

The researchers pointed out that the presence of fossils under this ash was the presence of fossils before the eruption, but it is not clear how many years it lasted. Previously, the fossils were believed to be approximately 200,000 years old.

The fossils, known as “Omo 1”, were discovered during a voyage led by geologist Richard Leakey in the Omo-Kepish geological formation in southwestern Ethiopia. The study of ancient man (Anthropologist) Fossils include almost the entire skull and jaw, some phalanges of the spine and parts of the arms and legs.

Scientists are trying to find out more about the time of existence Origin of the human race in Africa.

Celine Vidal, a volcanologist at the University of Cambridge and editor-in-chief of a study published in the journal Nature, says the new findings are consistent with recent scientific models. Origin of Homo sapiens 350 thousand and 200 thousand years ago.

Research published in 2017 found bones and teeth Mount Irhut In Morocco, it is more than 300,000 years old, and it represents the oldest fossils attributed to Homo sapiens.

But some scientists are skeptical about the fossils Mount Irhut Actually belonged to our race.

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