March 29, 2023

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Study: Vaccination does not prevent the spread of corona virus to contacts

Study: Vaccination does not prevent the spread of corona virus to contacts

A study released on Thursday showed that the use of the antidepressant fluoxamine to treat patients with severe Covit-19 can reduce their need for long-term hospitalization by an average of a third.

The authors of the study said the research could help improve protection against severe Govt symptoms or even death in vaccine-deficient countries at low cost.

Fluvoxamine is used to treat mental illness and psychiatric disorders such as depression and manic-compulsive disorder, and was selected for testing because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Many of the problems caused by goiter are caused by inflammation caused by the immune system overreacting against the infection.

Researchers from North and South America also published the results of experiments involving 1,500 people suffering from Govt-19 disease in Brazil in the journal The Lance Public Health.

Of the 741 people who received fluoxetine, only 79 patients, or 10 percent, had to stay in the hospital for treatment.

The researchers noted that the number of people admitted to the hospital by giving fluoxetine was reduced by 32 percent.

“Covit-19 continues to pose a risk to people in countries with limited resources or low vaccines,” said Edward Mills, one of McMaster University’s testing staff.

“Therefore, it is important to identify the cheapest, most affordable, and most effective treatment for COVID-19, and to reproduce drugs that are widely available and have a well – understood safety record,” he added.

Although the study did not primarily target the problem of reducing mortality, 12 patients died from placebo-tested trials, while one patient from a group given fluoxetine died.

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The study stressed the need for further evaluation as fluvoxamine is not on the World Health Organization’s list of essential drugs and may be a drug.