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Sudan … A sharp debate between the “Freedom and Change” teams over withdrawal and Republican Palace presence, and platform priorities | Political news


Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. The alliance continues.

Protesters are demanding the expansion of the government’s political incubator, the implementation of the rules of the constitutional document and the creation of a government of capabilities.

The “National Charter” group includes separatist organizations and armed movements, particularly the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Darfur Governor Minnie Arko Minavi and the Justice and Equality Movement led by current Finance Minister Jibril Ibrahim.

Protest group leaders want to continue the sit-in in front of the Republican Palace until their demands are met (Anatolia)

The new group blames the forces of freedom and change, known as the “Central Governing Body” group, for trying to monopolize power by excluding the rest of the country’s domestic currents.

Withdrawal and merger

Mubarak al-Nour, the leader of the East Sudan meeting, told al-Jazeera that Eastern companies had come to Khartoum and supported the Republican Palace, the Sudan Ba’ath Party, together. Elements of the “National Charter Committee” announced that it had decided not to participate.

In a statement, the Ba’ath party decided not to take part in the coalition supporters’ sit-in protest in front of the Republican Palace because there were essential observations about what happened on the sitting square platform.

He disagreed with what he described as “chaos” in the sit-in announcement and did not express “freedom and change”, especially after the usual progress of sitting, to the report.

Sit-in protest outside the Sudanese presidential palaceThe head of the East Sudan Collection confirmed that Eastern companies were coming to support the sit-in in front of the Republican Palace (Anatolia).

Sudan’s Ba’ath party insisted on continuing to adhere to the slogans raised with the aim of returning to the founding stage and uniting the forces of freedom and change through a founding conference.

Different views

In turn, Suleiman Chandel, the political secretary of the Justice and Equality Movement, told Al Jazeera that the government’s only solution was to overcome the crisis as he described it.

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Salah Manna, a spokesman for the Sudan Empowerment Elimination Committee, explained that the protesters in front of the Republican Palace in Khartoum belonged to the disbanded National Congress Party.

For his part, Sudanese Cabinet Affairs Minister Khaled Omar said it would be better to move forward to achieve the goals of the interim phase than to demand the dissolution of the government.

During a workshop on drafting the Sudanese constitution in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, Omar added that the remaining priorities for the Middle Ages were to prepare a permanent constitution for the country and hold free and fair elections.

The Central Council of the Forces for Freedom and Change said in a statement that the current crisis in the country was behind limited military and civilian leaders, who aimed to starve the people, bring them to their knees and stop the revolution. Chaos, closing ports and closing roads.

The Central Council considered elements of the former regime behind the call for a march on Saturday, and discussed with the Prime Minister and the forces of revolution that the dissolution of the government was a decision owned by the forces of freedom and change. , And not implemented by superior results.

Rejection of any conspiracy attempt

As part of that, the National Ummah Party, which participates in the interim government, announced in a statement today that it would categorically reject any military or civilian coup attempt. According to the statement, he stressed that he firmly confronts any irresponsible attempts of the conspiracy adventurers, the leadership and the people.

The party announced its support for the Prime Minister’s speech on Friday on the country’s political crisis.

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He stressed the need for a civil-military alliance to manage the interim phase and called for strengthening the alliance with a charter governing and regulating the relationship between the parties to the alliance.

The National Ummah Party rejected the extension of the interim period. He called for the speedy completion of the institutions of the Middle Ages, the first of which was the creation of the Interim Legislature and the Constitution and Electoral Commissions.

Sit-in protest outside the Sudanese presidential palaceSudanese youth set up a new tent to join the sit-in in front of the Republican Palace in Khartoum (Anatolia).

For his part, Omar al-Dijayer, a member of the Partnership Council for the Interim and leader of the Sudanese Congress Party, told Al Jazeera that the Interim should be a direction for civilian democratic change.

Al-Tihar added that regardless of the parties behind these efforts, there is no room for neutrality or compromise in the fight against attempts to overthrow the democratic transition process, and that the Sudanese people will not accept the return of tyranny without any ambiguity.

Commenting on the march on Saturday, al-Diker said political differences were normal, but they should be resolved through dialogue and that it was not fair to beg for a military coup demanding a statement from the Sudanese military to block the route. Democratic change.

Charges from the other side

In this context, the Sudanese Minister of Finance and Leader of the Coalition for Independence and Transformation, Jibril Ibrahim, said that the Independence and Transformation Commission (Central Council) had abducted government agencies, albeit a small group. , And government agencies, including the Sovereign and the Cabinet, should be disbanded to expand the platform of participation.

Ibrahim stressed that Saturday’s demonstrations confirmed that the people are calling for the expansion of political partnership and the rule of law in the country.

The Sudanese minister said the continued closure of East Sudan would affect the country’s expected economic growth prospects, which could have a negative impact on the country’s economy. He acknowledged that the crisis in East Sudan had left the country in a state of disarray and called for “serious negotiations” to reach an agreement to end the closure.

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El Fosher demonstrations

Large student demonstrations took place in El Fasher, the capital of the northern Darfur state, in protest of the high prices and poor economic conditions, coupled with the debate between elements of the ruling coalition.

A region of North Dhabur government went near the home of the North Dhabur Governor, which promoted the police to face the protesters using the tear gas, yet no death has been recorded.

However, the enthusiasts who showed the demonstrators to attack demonstrators by tear gas shells, and one of the students were injured.

American position

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has welcomed the roadmap announced by Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdak on Friday to end the country’s crisis in order to secure democratic change in Sudan.

Blingen urged all parties in Sudan to take immediate and decisive action to meet the key requirements of the constitutional declaration.

Hamdok presented a roadmap based on calling for a halt to the expansion and calling for dialogue, and said the current crisis was the worst and most serious crisis threatening the country’s democratic transition.

For its part, the U.S. embassy in Khartoum, in a tweet on its Twitter account, fully supports democratic civil transition in Sudan, including the implementation of interim agencies and the start of preparations for the election.

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