June 5, 2023

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Sudanese are tackling the housing crisis with innovative eco-friendly solutions

Sudanese are tackling the housing crisis with innovative eco-friendly solutions

Available at Sudan Many natural building materials such as limestone, rock stones, river clay and local trees such as acacia, laurel and bamboo.

The cost of these products is 60 percent lower than imported products like cement and other timber.

According to engineer Muhammad Al-Badawi, he and many other interested parties are working to improve the use of abundant local materials and maximize their use by increasing the efficiency of their use.

Al-Badawi told “Sky News Arabia” that their biggest challenge is to grow Local material It offers superior advantages over imported materials in terms of durability and aesthetics.

Al-Badawi explained that the idea of ​​returning to nature and using local materials came from the growing need to build housing for young people.

He added: Under High population The high cost of imported building materials makes many people postpone their home projects, but if young people choose good models of buildings that rely on locally produced materials, this helps reduce costs, and increases aesthetic and design harmony. Sudan context“.

Until the end of the seventies of the last century, the population Sudan countryside They rely on local materials available in their areas to build their houses. In the north, houses are built of pure mud, roofed with palm fronds and leaves, and then decorated with Nubian inscriptions placed on their doors. The trunks of the acacia trees which grow abundantly along the banks of the Nile.

For the West, Blue Nile and some parts of the East of the country, until recently, the prevailing style was the semi-circular chambers called “al-qadati”, the lower half of which was built of ordinary mud, the upper half of smooth texture and thin grass sticks.

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The matter has changed dramatically over the years, with buildings in most rural areas becoming similar to those in cities, but with a huge boom in prices. Building materials The import made many think about possible alternatives, which encouraged recent trends led by al-Badawi and other interested parties.

In this context, al-Badawi pointed out that opinions are changing and increasing Environmental awareness All these factors contribute directly to the promotion of a culture of return to nature, which creates high-end designs implemented with local materials with low cost and high environmental value.

Al-Badawi and many other young engineers are trying to solve the problems of using local materials, such as those that are less resistant to heavy rain, high winds or fire.

In this context, Musab, a recent graduate civil engineer, says he has been working with a group of his colleagues to improve the performance of local materials and increase their resilience by using them. Scientific developments A series of experiences and experiences of some other countries with nature and climate similar to Sudan.

Although the current young generation was born in an era of architectural competition and designs based on skyscrapers, tall buildings and manufactured goods in many countries of the world, the idea of ​​returning to nature is very motivating for Muhammad Anwar. A university graduate at the start of his career.

Anwar told Sky News Arabia that designs based on the use of natural and local materials are beautiful, well-suited to the local environment, and most importantly, they are affordable and relevant. Economic conditions A hardship experienced by most Sudanese youth.

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