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Suleiman Wahdan reveals Mortada Mansour’s position on Zamalek’s return to presidency after release from prison (Video)


Mourdada Mansoor


Sulaiman Wahdan, a member of Zamalek’s board of directors who is close to taking over the responsibility of managing the club, revealed Mortada Mansour’s position on returning to the leadership of the White Castle after his release from prison.

Mortada Mansour is currently serving a one-month prison sentence for insulting Al-Ahly chairman Mahmoud Al-Khatib, which has resulted in the cancellation of his membership of the club’s board of directors and his position as president of White Castle.

Vahtan said in television reports: “There is a group of friends who visited him in prison and he is in good health. We assure all Zamalek fans that we will see the rise and great effort of the board of directors in all departments. Soon the club.”

On the absence of General Overseer of Ball Amir Mortada Mansoor in the white team for the past two days, Wahdan explained: “Amir Mortada is under a difficult situation and under a lot of psychological pressure. In this capacity, he traveled with the team to Libya and then Tunisia. The last two days he attended training as he visited his father.

He continued, “We have a club president whose freedom has been restricted, accounts and non-payment obligations have been seized. Some hotels have sent us a message if we don’t pay what they owe us. Book the rooms.”

And he added: “Many people are talking about Zamalek Club, but no one is talking about our resources, problems and concerns. They are talking without knowing about the tragedy we are going through. I hope they will be fair and just to the council. Do not oppress the current council acting in these exceptional circumstances, and We have huge financial obligations.

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Regarding Mortada Mansoor’s condition after the completion of his one-month imprisonment, Wahtan explained: “In a word, without argument, with full confidence, according to the interpretation of the law and regulations, Mortada Mansoor will return, because it restricts his freedom. Will be removed from him.”

Sports Ministry’s response

Wahdan’s statements are in contrast to what Mohamed El-Shazly, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, said in television reports on Tuesday evening: “We sent a letter to Zamalek as soon as possible to appoint the president of the club, because this position cannot remain vacant for a long time, and there will be an answer. ” Today, Wednesday, let us know the president of the club until the general meeting.

Further, “If the club delays in appointing the acting chairman of the board of directors of the club, the ministry will intervene to appoint a chairman as per the guidelines and a legal affairs session will be held in the ministry. Final status.”

He pointed out: “Zamalek will not violate the council regulations, and there is no room for interpretation or argument in this matter, especially since the regulations of the club are clear and the text is clear, and its president will be announced within the next few days.”

Al-Shasli emphasized on the reports confirming the return of Mortada Mansour to the presidency after the end of the prison term: “The Ministry of Youth and Sports supports Zamalek and all the clubs, but we adhere to the regulations and laws. According to the regulations, the membership of the former club president ceases, and there is no judiciary with the text. .”

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And he continued: “Elections are the only door through which a person can regain membership of the Board of Directors, and without this door the ability to return to membership is not possible except by elections and by law. I became a member of the Association General of Zamalek Club as the period of elections from July to October and my ability to be a member of the board of directors disappeared, so we wait for the elections and enter through this door.

And regarding the possibility of Mortada Mansoor running again in the upcoming elections, a spokesman for the Ministry of Sports explained: “This issue is not dependent on the list, but conditions have been set for this matter and there is an oversight committee. Examining the justifications for improvement depends on whether the judgment against him violates honor and fairness or not, the court says this matter, the Egyptian legislator left this matter to the conscience and awareness of the judicial system, and the things here are related to the circumstances of the incident, and the killing may be honorable or honorable, so here again the Egyptian We return to the Judiciary, he will decide. This position.

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