June 8, 2023

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Summary and goals of England vs Hungary in the UEFA Nations League

Summary and goals of England vs Hungary in the UEFA Nations League

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“Watts Gaura” presents the summary and goals of the England match against Hungary in the European Nations League matches on Tuesday evening.

England score against Hungary

England lost to Hungary 0-4 in the fourth round of Group C of the European League at Molyneux on Tuesday evening.

England played one of the worst games against Hungary and are a continuation of the worst performance since the start of the European Nations League.

Throughout the 90-minute events of the match, Hungary dominated and controlled the midfield the most.

In the 16th minute Ronald Salai surprised England by scoring the first goal to give Hungary the lead.

Hungary continued to dominate the match and threatened the Three Lions with more than one ball, but failed to hit the net for the second time.

England repeatedly corrected the decision and tried to return to the match against Hungary, but to no avail.

In the second half, Hungary made good use of England’s defensive turmoil, scoring the second goal in the 70th minute through the same player Ronald Salai.

England exchanged an attack with Hungary to correct the decision and return to the meeting, but the guest failed to reach the net.

In the 80th minute, Salt Nagy secured Hungary’s lead against England with a third goal, making the score 3-0 in favor of the spectators.

Also in the 89th minute Daniel Kasatz increased the injury of the England team and scored the fourth goal for Hungary in the match.

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England and Hungary won 4-0 in a thrilling match that lasted until the final whistle.

With this result, Hungary is leading Group C in Group C of the European Nations League with 7 points, while England is two points lower in the table.