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Sunday Horoscope 30th April 2023


In the daily morning corner, astronomer Ibrahim Hasboun tracks the movement of planets and stars and their positions at different times, explains their impact on humans, and uses astrological rules to predict events for all constellations.

Monte Carlo International


Aries tend to work more than usual, and they need to take enough breaks, and they should not hesitate to ask their colleagues for help. If he is looking for a job, there is an opportunity to do it. He is concerned about his financial situation and he needs to take care of his budget for the coming period.


Taurus loves to be close to loved ones and spend quality time with them. The romantic atmosphere is not warm. He may hear happy news regarding the achievement of one of the children.


Gemini is busy arranging his home, family and real estate matters. Minor corrections are necessary. Advised to postpone real estate deals and family members tend to cooperate with him.


Cancer is active in communication and short distance travel. He may clear an exam or conduct an interview. His views are not accepted by his friends.

the lion

Leo pays attention to his budget and can get a financial gain from work, recover the previous amount or see what was lost from it. A good romantic atmosphere, but his ideas were not accepted by the authorities during this period.


Virgo is characterized by energy and activity, and is able to take initiative and control things. He is advised to be careful while traveling by car and stay away from unfamiliar places.


Libra natives should take care of their health and complete tasks without too much physical strain. The romantic atmosphere is hot.


Scorpios are socially active and can fulfill a wish or participate in a happy occasion with the help of a friend. His ideas were emotionally and professionally unacceptable to stakeholders.


Sagittarians focus on work, social status, and proving their worth in front of authorities. Not a good day for traders to make any changes. The romantic atmosphere is warm, but health needs to be taken care of.


Capricorn is active in distant communication or travel. A useful day for traders in import and export activities. The romantic situation is not hot, but his health is good during this period.


Aquarius is interested in arranging their joint financial affairs and they may get financial gain, but there is a possibility to adjust the budget as they have to cut expenses and not enter into financial partnership.


Pisces focuses on their financial affairs and does not recommend buying valuables. Sales profit for traders. He is advised to pay more attention to his health.

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