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Today, members of the administrative, teaching and technical bodies visit schools, marking the start of a new academic year, the academic cycle of which will literally begin next week as students head to their classes. It has become imperative for them to take off the cloak of teaching in keeping with the changes of development and times to achieve the best education system in the world through the knowledge that attracts students from the syllabus. Memorizing an era that saw great leaps, traveling through mother books, acquiring knowledge and science, creating a new present, waiting for its future, writing new chapters in the journey and developing it.
Believing that education is the way to build nations, the UAE is working hard to be an active part of the global science movement and help humanity in a changing world where those who are scientifically prepared will succeed. What enables them to be an active part of societies where technology intervenes in the details of their lives.
The education sector has always been at the top of the priorities of national agendas, confirming the importance it gives to our wise leadership who believe that it is a cornerstone in building improved societies. Determining aspects of education in the future requires a continuum of development until students enter and excel in universities without imposing large academic differences between university and general education.
The reality of the current data and situation confirms that education is witnessing a complete transformation in its systems, which we must keep pace with so as not to miss the track of excellence in education, and trust is placed on the ministry. Education, which will determine its work strategy in the next phase, the degree of its success in providing the education system at a high level, improving the quality of the school and university, the quality of their environment, facilities and their educational services, connecting the knowledge society to the student, empowering him with the language of the times and the tools of modern technology, global Strengthening the government’s orientation and vision to achieve competitiveness, these are all ambitious goals, the reality of which is years away.
The new academic year is expected to be a milestone in the educational process of the country, which is progressing on the development path with the latest study system and developed curricula. With the best international education systems, in addition to a flexible system that guarantees the progress of the educational process until crises, “distance education” turns it into a refuge whenever the need arises, after proving its best performance.
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