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Symptoms of the new mutant.. All you need to know about the “JN.1” corona variant


By Fatima Yasser

Thursday, December 21, 2023 at 01:05 PM

The World Health Organization has released a report on the pace of signs of a new strain of the coronavirus. The spread of a new strain of coronavirus”J.N.1“, thereby explaining that it is a strain resulting from the parent strain PA.2.86This has led to fear and panic of a repeat of the previous Corona experience.

The published report is submitted through the website In Hindu times to highlight Signs of a new mutantHe pointed out that a new coronavirus variant has been discovered J.N.1The US has seen a sharp rise in cases since September this year

Signs of a new mutant

Symptoms of the new mutant include:

– Fever.

– Cough.

– Runny nose.

– throat pain .

– Body pains.

– Tired.

The report points out that these symptoms cannot be distinguished… Respiratory system diseases Others, such as influenza, and if the patient suffers from these symptoms and they are mild, routine patient care is sufficient, but caution should be exercised when dyspnea appears.

As for the risk factors for the new strain, severe diseases affect the elderly and those with weakened immunity, and it is characterized by its transmissibility, and its symptoms combine with other viral infections, and the list Signs of a new mutant What a person can suffer from:

1. Cough: A persistent cough can be a common symptom of a new variant.

2. Colds: Symptoms of a cold, such as a runny or stuffy nose, may be present..

3. Sore throat: Sore throat or throat discomfort has been reported.

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4. Headaches: Individuals with vertigo may experience headaches JN1 From headache.

5. Diarrhoea. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as bowel movements (diarrhoea) may occur..

6. Mild shortness of breath: Some people may experience mild shortness of breath at times.

The report stressed that early detection and prompt isolation are the best strategies for protection. If you have any of these worrying symptoms, it is very important to isolate yourself and get tested. A simple cold and ignoring it can have serious consequences.

Wearing a mask is a powerful way to protect yourself and others, especially in crowded places or where physical distancing is difficult.

Vaccination is the best defense against the virus, and those who are eligible for booster doses should not delay in getting them. These extra layers of protection can significantly reduce the severity of the illness, even if you do get infected.

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