June 2, 2023

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Syrian artist: I love Egypt more than Syria and I have undergone plastic surgery from time to time

stretch / Syrian actress, Sara Nakla, confirmed that her love for Egypt is greater than her love for Syria, and talked about the plastic surgeries she underwent.

During a television interview with the Egyptian media Marwa Sabri, Sarah Naqla pointed out the reason why she felt so much love for Egypt at the expense of her country Syria: “As I love Syria, I love Egypt and more. I love Syria, but Egypt ate its goodness and lived among its people. .”

Sara Nakla confirmed that she gets plastic surgery from time to time, pointing out that she occasionally gets Botox, fillers and other cosmetic procedures.

And she continued, “Botox injections, fillers and all that, every 6 months,” it’s not wrong for women to undergo plastic surgery, but art and media stars hiding this fact negatively affects their followers through social media.

And he continued: “I have to say this to my followers, because girls get irritated and you see beautiful pictures of artists, no matter what they do, they don’t achieve the same result.

Nakla said she underwent her first surgery before entering university and, as she claimed, was the first female among her university classmates to do so, reshaping the shape of her nose.

He also pointed out that “some actresses and broadcasters are lying and not admitting that they have undergone plastic surgery, so I am writing back to the girls explaining the facts.”

Sara Nakla, born May 30, 1990, is a Syrian actress and broadcaster. She won the title of Miss Syria 2015 and runner-up of Miss Arabs 2015.

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