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Syrian Yasser al-Asma’s “madness and ignorance” divides social media

Friday, April 14, 2023 / 00:25

“Social media platforms have given the lunatic and the ignorant the freedom to fly, just like philosophers and scholars.” With this controversial phrase, Syrian star Yasser Al-Asma attacked some social media users and divided them in his disturbing post on his Facebook account. Followers’ views between supporters and detractors.

Followers interacted with Yasser Al-Asma’s post and most of the comments were critical and dismissive of what he wrote, many felt that rights are equal for everyone and users have full freedom and the right to express their opinions. It is within the framework of responsibility not to offend the freedom of others.

Although some see social media platforms as providing a great opportunity for young talents to promote their creativity and innovation, these platforms do not seem to be limited to a specific group.
One of the commentators sent a message to the star of Bob Al-Hara, accusing him of not adding anything new to his latest appearance, as he has done in the past. What he says or writes is nothing more than recycling what was there before. said.

Stupid invasion

He quoted the famous phrase of the Italian thinker and novelist Umberto Eco, who described social networks as “the place of fools”. Italian newspaper “Il Messaggero” quoted Eco as saying, “Social networking sites have given the crowd the right to comment. The only way to get drunk is to drink alcohol. He added, “These people were immediately forced to keep quiet, while the Nobel Prize winner They have the same right to express themselves.. This is an invasion of idiots.”

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On the other hand, who support the publication of Magnificence, they confirmed what he wrote and considered his words to be one hundred percent correct, and that these social networks are a “catastrophe” and a double-edged sword, intellectual and DMK. Ignorance equates the owners of pens and essays with those who do not know summer from winter.

Yasser had earlier published a poem in response to his critics in a video he shared on his YouTube account after his criticism of Arab drama, and Syrian drama in particular, had sparked controversy and strong responses. From the producers of the works he singled out.