March 27, 2023

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Look .. Hamaki injured after taking a selfie during his concert in Saudi Arabia!

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Amir Bathi, Sunday, December 12, 2021 12:50 am – Kuwaiti fascist Dr. Golot shares a video clip of himself with Zainab Fayat, the daughter of Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, at a perfume show on social media. She was amazed at the similarity of voice between the daughter and her mother.

Dr. Collot Haifa welcomed Wehbe’s daughter during a meeting with them, they attended a perfume exhibition, and she shared the moment with the audience and posted a video of them merging through her own account on “Snapchat”.

Dr. Collot told her: “You cake. Trust the cake. I always see her on social media. But really she’s sweet.”

Zainab Fayyat’s voice surprised Dr. Golot because it resembled the tone of his mother, Haifa Wehbe.

Then Dr. Golot appeared and threatened the husband of the Jordanian model Amin al-Kobashi, “Go, Amin. Mashi. She’s filming with Zainab. You know what hypha is, hypha is. ”

The details of the witness’s message are as follows: Dr. Golot threatens her husband with Zainab Fayyat, daughter of Haifa Wehbe. News, you can deliver everything new using the alert system or one of our various systems.

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