June 6, 2023

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Taif Kalam

Taif Kalam

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Her eyes were fixed on the shockingly unexpected phrase she received from a loved one, which automatically disgusted her, so she sent a phrase on a social networking site, “Take the truth out of the mouth of circumstances, circumstances reveal people. Do not judge a person’s purity and majesty by his words.” One woman commented on the phrase sent, “It saddens me to explain her love for people only in the environment and to forget that they need words of comfort and encouragement. And medicine for all who give up.”

In fact, after reading that phrase, the little girl had a strange feeling and began to wonder, what do we need with the power of words or situations?

Choose words by hand or rame, slowly before writing or pronouncing them.

At times, you may intentionally or accidentally hurt some of those around you, perhaps because you did not separate the situation from that person, the situation seemed catastrophic to you and deserved your negative thought, so you began to correct those judgments. Circumstances that have occurred in the record of that person’s life in the past, or in short, due to your haste and irresponsible behavior.

By uttering some hurtful words without thinking emotionally, you are sure that when you apologize in the future, you will become like a nail-biter. Removed? Likewise, it is very easy when pronouncing a weightless word, but it is difficult to remove its effect on the heart even after apologizing, which, unlike a loving word, leaves the effect of positive magic in people’s hearts.

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Always remember, one word can dry up springs of love, one word can sow hope in a sick heart, one word can bring a smile to the face of those who stumble in the middle of the road, and one word can kill the joy of those who have achieved great things.

Some words revive the heart and increase it with love, while others kill it. So choose your words carefully.