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Taiwan president on China’s maneuvers: irresponsible behavior


Taiwan president on China’s maneuvers: irresponsible behavior

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen (Reuters)

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Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen confirmed on her Facebook account that Chinese military maneuvers have caused instability in Taiwan and the region, after Beijing concluded three days of military maneuvers around the island, describing them as irresponsible actions by a major country.

“I represent my country before the world”

“I (as president) represent my country to the world,” Tsai said in a post on her Facebook account shortly before midnight on Monday, adding that foreign trips, including her trip to the US, were not new and were in line. With the expectation of the people of Taiwan.

And he added, “But China took advantage of this to launch military exercises, causing instability in Taiwan and the region. This is not the responsible behavior of a major country in the region.”

“Act calmly and professionally”

Tsai said Taiwan’s armed forces and coast guard acted calmly and professionally, and thanked all participants.

During the maneuvers, China simulated precision strikes against Taiwan and its blockade, with the participation of dozens of fighter jets and bombers.

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91 flights flew around Taiwan

For its part, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said yesterday that 91 Chinese aircraft circled the island.

The official Central News Agency in Taiwan said the number represented a record, but the Defense Ministry said it could not confirm its validity.

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Military exercises

Notably, China began military exercises on Saturday after Tsai returned to Taipei following a meeting with US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy in Los Angeles. China had warned the US not to allow Tsai to meet with McCarthy.

China has never ruled out the possibility of using force to bring the island under Beijing’s control. The Taiwanese government has strongly rejected China’s accusations and has repeatedly condemned the maneuvers.

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