August 14, 2022

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Tamar Hosni reveals a “surprise” about a song he collected by artist Baha Sultan, and shocks Savson Badre with the news of their film (video)

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Egyptian artist, Damer Hosni

Egyptian artist Damer Hosni has revealed a surprise about the song “Rajali Thani” collected by artist Baha Sultan, and shocked actress Sawson Badra with the latest news about their latest film.

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During an interview with “You, Mona El-Shassley”, Damer Hosni noted that he had agreed to sing a duet with Baha Sultan, and that they had told producer Nasr Mahroos about it, and that Baha had not set a date for recording the song, So he followed his voice and recorded the song, in order to give that idea to Nasser, who was preserved until Baha recorded another time.

Tamer Hosni continued: “I went to Nasser, he listened to the song, he came to me and then I came to Baha’s song, he was surprised, I said to him,” Master, “” Uncle, I’m the teacher. ” “Noting that the song was leaked, it was a huge hit, but no one noticed that it was not the voice of the Baha’i Sultan.

Damer added: “The song was a success, Baha kept talking to me. What, Damer, this is the song. It’s a success.

Damer Hosni spoke of another surprise, “He followed the voice of artist Savsen Badrin in a scene from his last film” Mesh Anna “where” the crisis was caused by a sentence in a scene they wanted. In it Sawson re-composed Badrin’s voice, but the artist traveled, so he followed her voice and actually delivered his voice in one sentence: Where’s your jacket, Hassan.

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The Egyptian artist said that artist Savsen Badr was unaware of this and now for the first time he knew about it: “Suddenly they found a sentence for the artist Sasan Badr, which was incomplete, and he traveled. She acted according to her voice. The audience noticed it.”

Source: “Al-Masri Al-Yum”