May 29, 2023

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Tamer Hussain collaborates with Ahmad Amin on 3 songs for “Al-Safara” series.

By Adel Abdullah

Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 02:00 AM

Poet Tamer Hussain collaborates with artist Ahmad Amin on 3 new songs in the Ramadan 2023 drama series “Al-Safarah”..

The first song is Tatar “The Peep” series Shown exclusively on the channel “TMC”The second song is “Who Loves Baba” composed by Aziz El Shafee and composed by Ahmed Waheed El King, featuring artist Hisham Abbas. Composed by Aziz El Shafie and arranged by Ahmed Adel, the series will be shown against the backdrop of the events and is titled “Al Quraysheen”. “.

Ahmed Amin, Aziz El Shafee, Tamer Hussain and Maher Salah inside the session studio

The events of the series take place in an unconventional comic structure as Ahmed Amin takes on the role of “Fouat”, a tour guide who steals an ancient “whistle” from Shiva. , to enter comic adventures..

Artist Ahmed Amin appeared in more than one appearance and form during the events of his new series “Al-Safarah”, according to the comic structure in which the events revolve, “Amin” appeared once with extra weight, and once with a thug and different hairstyles..

“Al-Safarah” series stars Ahmed Amin, Taha Desoqi, Aya Samaha, Samia Trabelsi, Hadem Salah, Mohamed Radwan, Mahmoud El-Basawi, Inam Saluza, Maria Osama and many other young artists. It stars Sarah Hejras and Sherif Abdel-Batta and is directed and produced by Alaa Ismail. Media Center – Sada and Gohar, implementation of production company Aroma.

Last Ramadan, Ahmed Amin presented the series “Lust Island” written by Abdul-Rahim Kamal and directed by Hussain Al-Manbawi, starring Tariq Lotfi, Mai Eez El-Din, Fathi Abdel-Wahab, Ahmad Amin, Riyad El-Ghouli. , Wafaa Amer, Mohamed Jumaa, Mahmoud El-Bazawy, Heba. Other artists include Abdel-Ghany, Hajar El-Sharnouby, Mayar El-Gheity, Aida Fahmy, Islam Hafez, Ahmed Abdel-Hamid, Ahmed El-Naggar, Ahmed Majed and many others, and a special appearance by artist Abdel Aziz Magyon..

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