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Taylor Swift has been accused of being the “most environmentally polluting celebrity” because of Travis Kelce.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Tuesday 19 December 2023 / 20:02

Taylor Swift is facing accusations of harming the environment, the climate and destroying the planet to see her boyfriend, American football star Travis Kelce, which has resulted in 138 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in less than 3 months. List of celebrities polluting the environment for the next year. Respectively, it was previously classified as the biggest polluter of the environment for 2022 due to its heavy use of private jet.

According to flight logs collected from Taylor Swift’s Jets account, which tracks her personal jets, including the number of flights, their average times and mileage, and total carbon dioxide emissions, Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” meets Travis Kelce with 12 flights and attends his games, Kansas City Chiefs Cheer him on with fans.
The total emissions resulting from these tours are 138 tons of carbon, which means that the owner of the highest-grossing concert tour in history would have to plant 2,282 trees and let them grow for a decade to offset the total carbon emissions. Destroying the atmosphere and the planet, because of them.
Airplanes emit 100 times more carbon dioxide per hour than other forms of transportation such as buses or trains. For example, a Boeing flight from Frankfurt to New York emits carbon dioxide equivalent to heating 440 homes in Germany. year.
According to the Mirror website, aviation accounts for 2.5% of global emissions, but Swift’s use of a private jet significantly increases her carbon footprint compared to the average person, and the star of the record-breaking “Airs Tour” does not. Do a lot to rectify the situation in 2023.

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Last year, Swift’s total aviation emissions were 83 million tons of carbon, which was 1,194 times the total annual emissions of the average person, even making the 36-minute trip from Missouri to Nashville.

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