Monday, April 15, 2024 – Eid weather will be like this!


The Department of Meteorology of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation expects the weather to be generally cloudy with an increase in local fog altitude and temperature, especially in mountainous and inland areas and along the coast, where northerly winds will be active at night.
This is stated in the following press release:

General Status: Spring weather is relatively unpredictable, gradually stabilizing from Tuesday afternoon until the weekend as the eastern layer of the Mediterranean is expected to be affected by hot and dry gusts of wind from Sunday.
(The average April temperature at the beach is 15 to 24 degrees.)

– Expected Weather in Lebanon:

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with temperatures dropping below 5 degrees Fahrenheit[5 C]during the day.

Wednesday: Local clouds and temperature rise, usually limited to the height of small clouds, especially in mountainous and inland areas, and along the coast.

Thursday: Usually some clouds with a further increase in temperature, they return to seasonal rates with active winds.

Friday: Partly cloudy with a slight increase in temperature in the coastal areas, while in the mountains and inland it drops significantly, with strong winds blowing in the evening.

– Temperatures range from 14 to 22 degrees on the beach, 7 to 20 degrees above the mountains, and 10 to 25 degrees indoors.
-Surface winds: Strong southwesterly winds blowing at speeds of 15 to 50 km / h, especially in the north of the country.
Visibility: Occasionally worsening altitude due to moderate, foggy conditions on the beach.
– Humidity on the beach: 60 to 75%
Sea level: Wavy, water surface temperature: 19 degrees.
Atmospheric pressure: 762 mm Hg.
– Sunrise: 06:13
– Sunset time: 19:06

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