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Technology is one of the key solutions to protecting the planet


Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, Chairman of the UAE Government Cyber ​​Security Council, participated in some of the key sessions at COP28 that discussed how technology can be used to maintain sustainable development, support climate challenges and achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Last week, the twenty-eighth edition of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) began at Dubai Expo City, which will continue until December 12.

In his statements to Al Ain News on the occasion of his participation in the COP28 Conference of Parties, the UAE is a starting point for many solutions, and technology is one of the most important key solutions we protect. This planet.

He pointed to the increase in technological threats, hence the importance of cyber security in countering these threats, as it focuses on data security.

The UAE has made great and successful strides in using modern technologies and advanced technological applications in its strategies to accelerate climate action efforts. Ensuring the reduction of carbon emissions in various sectors, or increasing the contribution of clean and renewable energy and in all aspects to promote sustainability, in order to improve its contribution to achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

The UAE believes in the importance of knowledge in addressing climate challenges. Its eagerness to invest in the future leads it to launch several strategies, initiatives and projects to address climate change, promote sustainability and adopt the latest technologies to protect the environment. Conserving resources and protecting the planet, it makes a globally influential contribution. emissions and rising temperatures, by relying on scientific data for artificial intelligence and remote sensing.

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The UAE is pursuing specific policies and strategies to achieve important changes to reduce carbon emissions in the industrial sector, which has become essential to ensure effective contribution to the success of global climate action efforts, and we in the UAE.

COP28 provides an opportunity for all countries, sectors and groups of society to collaborate and coordinate to achieve the highest climate ambitions and promote sustainable economic and social development for the benefit of current and future generations. The importance and need for global climate action is growing.

COP28 testifies to the first global effect of progress on the goals of the Paris Agreement reached at COP21. The COP28 leadership is focused on achieving ambitious negotiation results through a practical agenda to turn pledges and promises into concrete progress in addressing the climate crisis. By providing a comprehensive and decisive response to the outcome that will contribute to putting the world back on the path to climate action.

Based on the COP8 Presidency Action Plan based on four pillars, the UAE is leading the way to reach consensus among all parties and agree on a clear roadmap to accelerate the desired progress on all climate action topics: “Accelerating the achievement of an orderly, responsible, equitable and logical transition in the energy sector, and “Climate financing Building Mechanisms, Protecting People and Nature and Improving Lives and Livelihoods” and supporting the previous pillars by fully including all in the work structure of the Convention.

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