February 7, 2023

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Tehran has criticized Washington's "slowness" amid internal disagreements over the "red lines".

Tehran has criticized Washington’s “slowness” amid internal disagreements over the “red lines”.

Yesterday, Tehran criticized Washington’s “slowness” in responding to proposals by European mediators to resolve pending issues in the Vienna nuclear talks, while facing criticism from its conservative allies in parliament for “not paying attention to the red lines” of Ibrahim Rais’s government.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossain Amir Abdullahiyan said in a call with his Omani foreign minister, Badr al-Fusaidi, that “Washington is responsible for prolonging the talks.” “If the Vienna talks are suspended, it is because the US side has exaggerated its demands,” he wrote on Twitter.

In turn, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Gaddafi told reporters yesterday that “the deal is within reach”, with European coordinator Enrique Mora returning from his visit to Tehran on March 27 with “news, responses and requests”. Clearly. “” Currently, we have not received a final response from Washington. If Washington answers the pending issues, we can move to Vienna as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Hassan Shozai, chairman of the Article 90 group that oversees law enforcement, warned that Iranian lawmakers would reject the “bad deal” for ignoring the “red lines”. Distributed the draft contract.

In Washington, a group of Republican delegates introduced a bill to prevent US President Joe Biden from administering any potential agreements for the purchase of oil from Iran and Venezuela in the wake of the energy crisis caused by developments in Ukraine.

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