March 21, 2023

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Tehran welcomes Baku’s release of two Iranian drivers in “constructive action”


Tehran welcomes the release of two Iranian drivers arrested last month by Azerbaijani officials, which it sees as a “constructive move” to help resolve differences between the two sides.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has announced a second phone call between Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian and his Azerbaijani counterpart Jehan Beramov in two weeks.

Abdullahian explained that he “welcomed the release of Iranian drivers detained in the Republic of Azerbaijan” and considered it “a constructive step that could create the conditions necessary to resolve the misunderstanding between neighboring countries.”

On Thursday, Azerbaijan released two drivers arrested on charges of illegally crossing the border last September, a reason for tense relations between the two countries in recent weeks.

Tehran and Baghdad have recently emphasized the importance of “dialogue” in resolving differences between them.

In an implicit reference to the close relationship and military cooperation between Baku and Tel Aviv, Iranian officials recently renewed their denial of an Israeli presence near their borders.

The difference between Tehran and Baghdad has become apparent, with Assyrian President Ilham Aliyev criticizing military exercises launched by Iran earlier this month in the northwestern part of the country near the border with Azerbaijan.

Iran’s foreign ministry has confirmed Tehran’s “sovereign” claim to the maneuver, saying Iran “will not tolerate the presence of any Zionist organization near its borders. In this regard, it will take appropriate action for its national security.”

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