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Telecom Regulatory Authority launches “Government Signature Platform”.


The Communications and Digital Government Regulatory Commission announced the launch of a “Government Signature Platform” initiative designed specifically to manage and approve documents and correspondence sent to federal agencies connected to the Federal Network (FedNet).

The new initiative will include an automated system that verifies the authenticity of documents and digitally endorses them at all stages of their transit, starting from the sender to their final destination, the commission said in a statement yesterday.

Through this initiative, the Commission aims to enhance government efficiency and enable the use of digital identity and digital signature in digital transactions.

Majid Sultan Al-Mesmar, Director General of the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority, said: The (Government Signature Platform) initiative is a new addition to our integrated digital system. We are Emirates 2031) vision, the first of which is the fourth axis, which is to establish a more pioneering and superior system.

He added: “This initiative is unique and adds many benefits to the range of services offered by the Federal Network (FedNet) including greater flexibility, speed of response, reduced costs and its seamless integration with digital identity. , as well as users’ confidence in what it offers. Electronically signed services All digital instruments included in this new service are fully hosted on the servers of the federal network.

Al-Mesmer added that the “government signature platform” is characterized by high reliability, as all the operations of this service comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant digital services, and positions signed with a digital signature in correspondence receive full legal status. .

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