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Telecommunications industry leaders emphasize the importance of the fifth generation to the digital economy


Leaders and experts in the telecommunications sector in the region, North Africa, South Asia and around the world have emphasized the importance of utilizing the future opportunities offered by new technologies, the first of which is the fifth generation, and its role in promoting other businesses and services. Sectors and industries in line with regional countries’ digital transformation plans.
During the SAMENA Council Summit for Telecommunications Leaders 2022, organized for the ninth year in a row with Huawei in Dubai, experts review the role of fifth-generation networks and technologies in improving the economy. Governments first business sectors and individuals.
Huawei, which hosted the summit, reaffirmed its commitment to supporting countries in the region’s plans to develop a digital economy using modern technologies, the first of which is the key role of fifth generation technology. Sustainability in the telecommunications sector.
Huawei stressed the need to focus on data cloud computing capabilities and the key role of integration and integration of technologies, infrastructure investments, connectivity, spectrum and artificial intelligence.
Stephen Yi, President of Huawei in the Middle East and Africa, said: “In light of global efforts to achieve digital transformation, Huawei is committed to delivering the latest innovative technologies, the most important of which is the Fifth Generation, through its strategic partnership with strategic partnerships with telecommunications operators and telecommunications operators. Spread the word, enrich people’s lives, provide a comprehensive digital experience, achieve digital transformation and create a goal-oriented digital economy. Countries relying on smart digital solutions ”
Pocar A. Ba, CEO and Team Member of Samena Telecom, said: “We emphasized the role of networks in achieving digital transformation and promoting economic growth. Region.

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