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One trillion dirhams in “Mubatala Investment” assets


Abu Dhabi (Union)
The total return on investment of Mubatala investments (due to ownership) has increased from 72 billion dirhams in 2020 to 122 billion dirhams in 2021.
The group’s assets at the end of the year stood at 1.045 billion dirhams, compared to 894 billion dirhams in 2020.
Several factors contributed to this growth, including the growth of the company’s investment returns, the sale of several mature assets and the conclusion of new partnerships.
Yahsat’s public offering on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange raised about Dh731 million, helping to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position as an attractive destination for investment and business. This year saw a quantum leap in the path of the “Muster” company founded by Mubatala in 2006, with “ADNOC” and “TAQA” entering into new partnerships with the aim of establishing a global clean energy center in Abu. Tabi, and the company will increase its renewable energy capacity to 50 gigawatts by 2030. Globally, Mubatala has listed its wholly-owned subsidiary Global Foundries as one of the largest companies in the United States by 2021 to trade on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Estimated value $ 26 billion.
His Excellency Kaltoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Committee, said: “This is the vision of the Head of State (May God protect him) Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan and the order of his top sheikh. Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces, Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors and Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Mansour bin Saeed Al Nahyan’s Intensive Monitoring and Oversight Presidential Affairs and Vice President of the Board of Directors. Are.
He added: “Mubatala continues to invest in sectors that play a key role in changing the world and influencing the global economy. As the economy and global markets begin to recover from the effects of the epidemic, we have taken the initiative to provide our leading companies with public offering and to strengthen our relationships with our global partners to invest in higher development sectors. And geographical areas.
Al-Mubarak stressed that 2021 is the strongest financial year in Mubatala’s history and its twenty years of life. Despite the volatility and volatility of the global economy, we are committed to our goal of achieving long-term financial returns and exploring investment opportunities in the face of numerous challenges such as inflation, supply chain challenges and tight monetary policy.

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Mubatala has invested 125 billion dirhams in key sectors in the United Arab Emirates and globally. This includes AED 2.5 billion UK investment in Citi Fiber, the UK’s largest independent fiber network deployment site. BPI, the French national investment bank, has expanded its current partnership with France to invest ியில் 4 billion in investing in companies with proven growth potential and high-growth technology sectors in France.
Emphasizing the importance of investing in the healthcare sector, Mubatala Healthcare launched in 2021 as the integrated healthcare network providing the highest quality care and healthcare services to patients in Abu Dhabi and the region, with the World Health Facilities Imperial College London and the Cleveland Clinic. Founded in 2011, Mubatala Capital also operates as a sole proprietorship with $ 13.7 billion in assets, including investments in third parties.
For his part, the Group’s Chief Financial Officer Carlos O’Brien said: “This continued growth in Mubatala in 2021 reflects the strength of the company’s investment strategy and focuses on long-term investment in sectors, asset classes and geography. Achieve global progress. As the global economy began to recover, we worked to exploit the investment opportunities available in global markets by selling a number of mature assets. By the end of 2021, Mubatala will be more diversified, resilient and better prepared to deal with future economic fluctuations.
34% of Mubatala’s investment portfolio includes direct and indirect investments in private companies, of which 31% are listed stocks and 14% are in real estate and infrastructure, in addition to other investments.

New projects
In 2021, 125 billion dirhams worth of investments were made in new projects, including:

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1.3 billion dirham investment in “Coligan”; Leading provider of sustainable water solutions.
2.9 billion investment in “Marshall S Tops Global Equity Fund”; One of the largest alternative asset management companies.
Mubatala had earlier announced that it would issue benchmarks against long-term indicators instead of other measuring indicators such as annual income or annual net income, which are no longer applicable to Mubatala as a long-term investor. The company reported 12.2% five-year total return.

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