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Temperature rise

Temperature rise

Posted on: 08/13/2021 (Last updated: 08/13/2021 Time: 00:58)

Bethlehem – Deer – Weather The weather today is expected to remain very hot and humid with a slight increase in temperature to 4 degrees Celsius above their annual average.

Tonight: Moderate weather prevails in the hills and relatively hot in other parts of the country.

Saturday 08/14/2021 The weather will be very hot and sometimes active, and the sea wave will be mild with high altitude.

Sunday 08/15/2021 The weather will be very hot with light sea and high waves.

Monday 08/16/2021 The weather will be very hot and the sea will be light and the waves will be high.

The Center for Meteorology warns against prolonged exposure to direct sunlight during peak hours of eleven to four o’clock in the afternoon, as well as the risk of arson in areas with dry weeds.

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