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4 new services offered by “Al-Hosn” application for individuals – local – health


Recent updates to the “Al-Hosn” application have allowed the use of four new electronic services, bringing the number of services it provides to 12, while health officials have confirmed that the “Al-Hosn” application is currently preparing the National Vaccine Register, “Corona” selections and In addition to the official site for tracking vaccine dosage details, it also produces a comprehensive record describing the country’s war against the corona virus.

In detail, the “Al-Hossain” application was developed as a joint venture between the Ministry of Health and Social Security, the Dubai Health Authority and the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, providing four new services, including the provision of travel information. Shows arrival or departure status from red countries, with descriptions of date of arrival, vaccination data, issuance of official immunization certificate stamped by the Ministry of Health, and certification for “Govit-19” stamped by the Ministry. In addition to reading the QR code in use, it can be read directly from the phone’s camera or with a built-in scanner, which is a way of identifying vaccines and selections in an encrypted form.

In addition to the new services, the application provides services that detect the vaccine dosage received by the user, their date and type of vaccine, the letter (E) or the gold star and the green sign that allows public entry. Examination results and health status at venues, sports centers, universities and schools, and at any time and place In addition to the ability for family members to monitor their health.

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) External Therapy Services Executive Director Dr. Noora Al Qaeda confirmed in a press release that it intends to ensure that “Al Hosn” updates some of the technical and technical characteristics of the application. The application is used very efficiently and effectively because access to the account in updates is via the Emirates ID number or the integrated number, which ensures greater privacy and provide travel information that shows the arrival or departure status in red in addition to vaccination data, and the Ministry of Health and Social Security Countries Phone Camera for Adding Vaccine Certificates and Official Examinations and the ability to read the QR code directly on the application page.

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“(Al-Hosn) If the application is not available on the scanning phone, the user will be redirected to the webpage of the application, and the last four digits of the ID card, the integrated number or passport number will be requested, and alternatives to the application may be implemented in the event of its technical failure. , (SMS) in addition to providing the system, the result of the test or vaccination status, and an interactive message (USSD).

Al-Qaeda pointed out that if the user’s color of the application is green, the status of the application is characterized by only three colors, which means that a negative test is useful, and a gray color indicates that the test is ineffective, and if the application is red, it means that the user is infected with “Govit-virus” 19, 8004676 He pointed out the possibility of contacting the call center at.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Social Security is providing a service to show the extent to which the use of “al-Hosn” adheres to the stone-related guidelines for people who need to be isolated, and not to mix with others during the period of isolation, to protect them, to protect the community and to achieve the benefits of home isolation, in addition to the “corona” virus Creating a QR code for each user in the “Al-Hosn” application, the encryption system additionally encrypts the color system to determine the health status of each user, while helping to track who is in contact with or in contact with the affected person.

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Updating data

Dr. Farida al-Hosani, the official spokeswoman for the country’s health department, confirmed in the “Al-Hosn” application that the responsibility for exam results and vaccination status is primarily related to the health of the person concerned. The maintenance facility that provides the service, which is interested in communicating with “Al-Hossain” and providing data on selections and vaccines.

If a user selects a nasal swab (PCR) at a center, he or she will receive a text message with the test result, but if it does not appear on the application, he / she should contact the center for further purposes.

She said, “This applies to the vaccine. If the user receives a dose and it (al-Hosn) does not appear on the application, he must go to the relevant center or hospital, and health facilities will be integrated with the relevant application to provide him with data.”

He called on all Al-Hosn users to update their identification data to ensure optimal use of the application, and users can inquire and contact the Al-Hosn Application Team at toll free number 8004676.

12 services provided after the update to its users by the “Al Hosn” application.

• “Al-Hosn” shows the status, date of arrival and vaccination data of people from red countries.

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