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Testimony of French speaking high school students at JBS



Jumeirah Bachelorette School is located in a quiet residential area and is located in the heart of Dubai. It is a warm and humane school that follows the IP (International Baccalaureate) course and welcomes students from all over the world to the Green Campus. Within the IP curriculum, JBS has developed a unique French native language program that provides the opportunity for linguistic and cultural immersion of foreign phonographs. This program helps students to better understand their own language, strengthen their language skills and develop their culture. In the hands of experienced teachers of the French mother tongue, its popularity is growing exponentially among French-speaking parents and students. What makes it so attractive?

We were curious to hear what the first participants and students had to say about this project: why these secondary students are not only satisfied with following the French subjects without a unique opportunity and filter to hear in person, but their fulfillment can be found there. Together we will find their answers to this little questionnaire:

1. What do you like most about the Francophone program on JBS?

I love having a literary show and sharing my reading with my teacher. I also like that teaching in experiments and games like Kahut is fun because grammar is as easy to learn as it is! (Romeo, France)

My favorite thing is creative writing and text review (Alex, Tunis).

One of my favorite things about the Francophone project is that we have a relatively small class where we can laugh together, but work well (Nova, Switzerland).

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I really like the fact that there is a lot of literature and I read a lot of books because I am a big fan of literature and the fact that it is included in the school system is so awesome (Yon from France)

2. Why do you want to study at JPS?

I like JBS because the IP system pushes us, but there is no big homework after school: I like to make time for my games and my matches (Romeo, France).

For my part, I like JBS because we learn in a fun way (Daphne, Canada).

What I like about JBS is that it is a great school, and there are many different aspects to teaching others to please and respect others by developing their character (Chloe, France).

I would love to study at JBS because it is a great campus, school with sports or art facilities, and the teachers are very nice and always ready to help and advise us (Nova, Switzerland).

What I appreciate is the availability of teachers to help us, with each teacher always helping us, and after lessons (Charlie, Canada).

I like to study at JBS because I consider the IP system to be a system for creativity and collaboration rather than hard work (Eva, Switzerland).

What I really like about JBS is that it is a great school where I can learn a lot of things and develop my own languages ​​as well as learn new languages ​​in addition (Sam, Switzerland).

3. Why is the Francophone program favorable for mother tongue bronchophones?

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The French speaking program allows you to not miss the French practice (Jade from France),

Thanks to our program, even an English school can retain our ability to master French (Alex, Tunis).

Thanks to him we can practice our mother tongue every week and not miss it (Nova, Switzerland).

I find French to be advantageous at JBS as there are only 6 of us in our class, which means we can learn 15-20 faster than other classes (Yon from France).

Because, like my French-speaking friends who stay in French schools, I don’t need to take extra classes outside of school, meanwhile I have become bilingual in English. (Romeo, France).

Because, just like that, we have phonographs as our mother tongue. It is really difficult to have a language that is not spoken here in Dubai where English is everywhere. (Eva, Switzerland).

The Francophone program is positive because we can speak French while taking French lessons, work in French, and have friends with whom we can communicate in French (Sam, Switzerland).

4. Tell us about your favorite memory from one of your French lessons?

I loved working in the theater with my teacher and my role as a bourgeois gentleman, and it was so much fun and exciting (Romeo, France).

One of my favorite memories when we had to prepare a speech on a particular topic. We were a couple, I was with my friend, he worked hard to get a good GPA and it was inspiring. (Jade from France).

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My favorite memory is that when we had a plan to do it in Japan, my friend and I found it very fun and enjoyable because we learned Japanese in an English school, in a French class! (Daphne, Canada).

My best memory is that before the winter break for the last lesson we did a quiz on the themes of Francophonie and France like “Questions for a Champion” and we had a lot of fun (Noah).

My favorite memory of one of my classes when we took quizzes Cohoots We all laugh and have fun when we learn! (Chloe, France).

My favorite memory is that we had to do a research project about the author of a book with a funny story, and I really liked it. (Cabin from France).

What I like most when we talk about different things is that open communication is something I appreciate (Eva, Switzerland).

After discovering the French mother tongue project through the eyes of school students, it became clear that this project was a huge success. Creating an environment that actively motivates students to enjoy learning is something to celebrate. Thanks to the Francophone program, these students can appreciate and actively practice their own culture and their own heritage because the Francophone program is at the center of the curriculum.

The project is a huge success for the school, and it looks like it will only grow over the next few years.

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Shamma bint Sultan calls on the media to raise awareness of climate issues



Shamma bint Sultan calls on the media to raise awareness of climate issues

Dubai: “The Gulf”

Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, President and CEO of the UAE Independent Accelerators Authority on Climate Change, called on the media to play a key role in supporting efforts to raise awareness of climate change and address its challenges. He invited everyone concerned with the important topic, climate change-related issues. The context aims to demystify the terminology and science closely linked to climate change.

During a conversation with Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan on the theme “Media and Climate Change” as part of the activities of the closing day of the 21st Arab Media Forum, she shed light on the efforts of the UAE Freedom Accelerators Authority. For Climate Change, she managed to interview media personality Laura Habib to address the challenges of climate change.

As the issue of climate change is still one of the fundamental topics, he emphasized the keenness of prudent leadership to put the issue of climate change at the top of its priorities, in line with a vision aimed at accelerating the speed and pace of climate action. Interest in the Emirates Climate Action Pioneering efforts by all sectors in the environment sector reflect the government’s commitment to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan said that the UAE Independent Accelerators Authority for Climate Change launched “The Climate Tribe” digital platform last week as part of its pioneering efforts to address the challenges of climate change and achieve the goal of zero carbon neutrality. Incentivizing climate action focuses on storytelling, inclusive social interaction and large-scale collaboration.

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Emirates News Agency – Friends of Cancer Society expands its local partnerships to raise awareness of breast cancer and the fight against it

Sharjah, September 27 / WAM / The “Friends of Cancer Patients Association” has signed a memorandum of understanding with the “Conduct Horse Racing and Polo Club” in Abu Dhabi to consolidate the existing strategic partnership between the two parties in the field of breast cancer awareness. , prevention, control of its spread and the success of its treatment, within the framework of the commitment of both parties, their belief in the need to shed light on this health problem and unite their joint efforts to achieve this goal.

The memorandum seeks to achieve a set of goals through joint work and coordination between the two parties in social initiatives, supporting charitable work and spreading awareness about the importance of prevention methods and early detection.

The memorandum, signed by Aisha Al Mulla, Director of Friends of Cancer Patients Association and Khaled Al Marzooqi, Managing Director of Conduit Horse Racing and Polo Club, culminated the collaboration between the two sides after the club booked a medical clinic. As part of the program organized by “Pink Caravan” to celebrate World Awareness Month, “Pink October” breast cancer for seven days, “Pink Caravan” promised to provide several services for early breast cancer screening during the club’s scheduled period. Tours.

Aisha Al-Mulla, Director of Friends of Cancer Patients Association said: This MoU forms part of our strategy to complement our initiatives and programs aimed at expanding the number of beneficiaries and reaching out to a larger number of social segments. Improving their awareness of the risks of cancer, as this represents a new step in expanding our work system and our goals towards mobilizing… national efforts to fight breast cancer and reduce its consequences in terms of health, social and economic conditions.

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For his part, Khaled Al Marzooqi, Managing Director of Ghantoot Horse Racing and Polo Club, said: This memorial embodies our shared vision to fight and prevent breast cancer and contribute to reducing the number of infections through our annual campaigns (including Pink Polo). ), according to the memorandum, will include providing (pink caravan) for examinations. Free early detection of breast cancer during the event and other awareness tours and events organized by us.

The association will participate in the club’s “Pink Polo” event in October, provide early detection tests for breast cancer and spread social awareness by organizing workshops and awareness activities for the public on how to self-administer, the memorandum said. – Experimentation.

Islam al-Husayn/Batdul Kashwani

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Emirates News Agency – Pension Board of Directors to hold sixth meeting for 2023



Emirates News Agency – Pension Board of Directors to hold sixth meeting for 2023

ABU DHABI, September 27 / WAM / Mubarak Rashid Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Pensions and Social Security Authority, presided over the Sixth Council Meeting for the year 2023, which was held yesterday, Tuesday.

The meeting began by welcoming the Honorable Council members and thanked the Minister of State for Financial Affairs, Honorable Mohammed bin Hadi Al Husseini, for his continued efforts during his tenure as Chairman of the Council.

The Council approved the minutes of its previous meeting, approved the follow-up agenda of the administration to the decisions and recommendations of its previous meetings and also approved the decisions and recommendations made by its sub-committees. Apex Committee on Human Resources and Rewards, Investment Committee and Internal Audit and Risk Committee.

The Council discussed and approved the Commission’s financial statements for the first and second quarters of 2023. It reviewed the investment performance report up to 2023 and the executive summary of the authority’s corporate performance in the first half of 2023. topics on its agenda and take appropriate decisions regarding them.

The Authority’s figures for the month of August 2023 indicate an increase in the number of subscribers (111,735) compared to (89,329) for the same month last year. (11,865) companies also increased compared to (7,612) in August 2022.

As per August 2023 figures, the number of retirees has increased to (19,685) and the number of eligible persons has reached (8,458) as compared to the number of pensioners in August 2022 (18,752). , compared to approximately (8,499) eligible individuals for the same month of the year.

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In terms of insurance expenses, their value in August this year was (415,268,101) dirhams, which was approximately (455,467,005) dirhams in the same month last year.

Dina Omar

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