June 6, 2023

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Thanks to Chat-GPT: a new mod in Skyrim, which makes the characters of the world sentient!

It seems that artificial intelligence will not rest until it makes its mark in video games, because the characters in the world of Skyrim have released a mod thanks to Chat-GPT, where you can talk to them in real time. Ask them anything and the character will answer you like a real person!

Apart from that, the mod makes the characters’ lips sync with the spoken words and letters, giving realism in the best possible way. This mod was published by a user Art from the machine Through his YouTube channel, in a clip showing the mod, its features and what you can do with it.

The mod uses speech-to-text technology to read the player’s speech and convert it into phrases that can be understood by artificial intelligence, and uses text-to-speech technology to convert the AI’s responses into speech that can be heard by the artificial intelligence. That’s in addition to lip syncing of course.

According to a clip posted by the mod’s owner, the mod lets game characters know the time and responds to you when you ask them, and it can recognize what you’re holding in your hand inside the game and talk to you about it. The most important thing is that you can ask about the character’s past and history and she will start telling a mythic story about herself. ! The more the AI ​​understands the crazy things behind the faces of Skyrim characters, the more they will feel thanks to Chat-GPT.

I won’t tell you a secret, the mod doesn’t play its role as you expect, that is, it’s not a scene where artificial intelligence takes over the world and turns it against humanity, the interesting scene you want, but the mod is very old and the pronunciation of some words is wrong, in addition, the delay in the response of the artificial intelligence is significant. . But this is definitely a technology that is still in its infancy, and like any new technology, it will get more realistic and crazy in no time!

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