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Thanks to the data obtained by Percy Germany for hunting down Dubai tax exiles


Germany has announced the purchase of a CD containing tax data on millions of people living in Dubai. He promised to share this information with various countries, including France.

This is the new El Dorado for reality TV stars and other influences. Every year, more and more French people put their suitcases in Dubai, where they particularly benefit from the favorable tax regime, with Emirates not applying any income tax.

While “Manhattan in the Middle East” is at the crossroads of the services of Percy and German tax authorities, the situation of these tax-exiles is set to become more complex in the coming months. Echoes.

For good reason, he announced on Wednesday that the German government has purchased from anonymous source tax data that holds “millions” of assets in Dubai, which it wants to analyze to find fraudsters. The “anonymous” informant in “February” confirmed the information in a press release issued by the Ministry of Finance earlier this week by a German weekly. Glass.

The data “contains information on millions of taxpayers around the world and several thousand Germans with assets in Dubai,” he added. This information has already been sent for the “examination” of the German territories, Berlin continued. According to media reports, the government has spent a total of 2 million euros to obtain this information on a CD.

Relations between France and Germany

Maran Coleruest-Schulz, director of German tax authorities, was quoted in a press release as saying that information about foreign taxpayers was “available to the countries concerned.”

He asked Echoes, The Directorate General of Public Finance has confirmed that “contacts” have already taken place between the tax administrations of the two countries and the German administration has expressed its willingness to pass on the information it holds on French taxpayers.

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Tax authorities will now seek to detect the presence of “undeclared income” and “undisclosed assets” of officials in these data by people who wish to avoid taxes in their country. In particular, it will be a question of verifying whether French entrepreneurs who went to Dubai actually paid the “exit tax” that affects unperceived capital gains from abroad.

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