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The 2021 Carthage Film Festival kicked off with the motto "We dream ... we must live"

The 2021 Carthage Film Festival kicked off with the motto “We dream … we must live”


Posted: Saturday, 30 October, 2021 – 8:55 PM | Last Updated: Saturday, October 30, 2021 – 8:55 pm

The 32nd Carthage Film Festival kicks off in Tunisia on Saturday evening with the motto “We dream … we must live” until November 6.

The festival management assured that it would ensure all health conditions to maintain the safety of all in the light of the continuation of the Corona epidemic and was keen to provide loyal and attentive spectators the pleasure of returning to the theaters and enjoying their screens. Works on Arab, African, Mediterranean and international cinema.

Anis Ben Ammar signs the official logo of the 32nd edition of the Carthage Film Festival

Tariq El-Shennawy, a world-renowned film critic and Arabic film writer, is considered one of the most influential critics of Arab cinema in the region and has written for most Arab newspapers, magazines and websites for over 30 years. Jury for films and short films.

Egyptian actress Basma will also be on the jury for the first work of the Taher Sharia Award, while Egyptian director Omar al-Zuhairi’s “Feathers” will compete in the film competition.

Egyptian director and screenwriter Mohamed Diab’s “Princess” is competing in the film competition. His long documentary.

As for the short story film competition, Murad Mustafa’s Egyptian film “Khadija” was the first two short films to be screened, “Hannah Ward” and “What We Don’t Know About Mary”. At the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, it won 30 international awards.

Organizers decided to support the event by creating Carthage film and Francophone days, as Tunisia hosts the 18th Francophone Summit on the island of Djerba on November 20-21. A panel discussion will be held on “Film Radiation and Presentation in the Francophone Region: Challenges and Opportunities”. In addition, the latest films will be shown in French, representing the cultural diversity of the Francophone world.

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