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The 72-year-old foretold World War III … and the source was “out of Egypt”


Under the heading of a short story of 6 words and 24 words, the Egyptian newspaper “Akbar al-Yum”, in its July 1, 1950 issue, under the headline “The Sydney Sun” undermined Russell’s anticipation of the future. “The newspaper will announce the outbreak of World War II RussiaWarning that the war will continue for 10 years.

Although the conditions of the fifties seemed to have matured before the outbreak of World War III, Western expectations had predicted its eruption on the Russian side for years.

Now, despite efforts to avert a major confrontation, media reports warn of signs of escalating World War III in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and rising tensions between Moscow and the West.

Russell is considered one of the founders of the philosophy of analysis, and held a prominent position as a leading anti-war activist, and his persistent call for peace during World War I led to his imprisonment, which resulted in his loss of his professorship. At the University of Cambridge, he launched a campaign against Adolf Hitler and criticized the Stalinist dictatorship and attacked US involvement in the Vietnam War.

The English philosopher was not only satisfied with this, but also worked with the French philosopher to create an international tribunal (Russell Sartre). Jean-Paul SartreTo prosecute the United States for its crimes in Vietnam, he signed a statement with Albert Einstein against his support for nuclear disarmament, and imprisoned him in 1961.

In the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century, Russell fought on a variety of political issues, most notably nuclear disarmament and opposition to the Vietnam War, as well as his joint statement with Einstein in the mid-fifties and the signing of a document calling for nuclear energy. Disarmament, and he hastened to send letters to world leaders during this period.

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He was the first recipient of the Jerusalem Prize in 1963, an award given to writers who are interested in personal freedom. In October 1965, he tore the Labor Party membership card. United States, which is about human values ​​and freedom of thought.

Today, two weeks ago, Russo-Ukrainian war Since the end of its third month, warnings of the outbreak of World War III have been on the rise, with the most deadly and destructive weapons discovered by mankind being used under terrifying names between “Satan” and “tactical atomic bombs”.

Warnings about the dangers of entering into a direct confrontation with Russia through the Ukrainian portal are increasing day by day in European countries, especially in the wake of press reports and a series of intelligence leaks that Kiev may be arming Russian President Vladimir Putin with large-scale sophisticated weapons. Encouragement to extend war to NATO (NATO) border.

In recent weeks, US President Joe Biden has warned of a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, which could lead to a third world war.

However, Kiev is increasingly convinced that World War III has already erupted, a theory expressed by Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrei Melnik: “World War III has already erupted. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine affects everyone, not them militarily. Against nations, against our value system. “

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