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The activities of “AppGallery Cup for Mobile Games” 2023 concluded in Iraq with excitement and competition.


In an event that can only be described as an astonishing display of skill and strategy, the “Cup AppGallery For mobile games”2023 In Baghdad, it promises to be the most exciting and exciting mobile gaming tournament of all time. The pioneering eSports event, which offers $30,000 in prize money, was held on October 13 at the luxurious Yarmouk Entertainment Club in Baghdad..

Hundreds of professional gaming fans and social media influencers, around 300 participants, flocked to the platform driven by their passion for the games and their ambition to win prestigious financial prizes. The registration process overseen by Huawei experts ensured a smooth and hassle-free start to this epic clash..

The event began with participants moving to the experimental area (Realm of experience), where they were able to explore Huawei devices and the store layout AppGallery Ecology, in addition to the world of PUBG Mobile products, benefits and offers. PUBG Mobile Exclusive and breathtaking. For those not participating in serious combat competition, a “place of entertainment” (Entertainment zone) A vibrant photo wall to capture continuous activities and memorable photos.

The players’ area, a designated area for competing teams and individual players, created a competitive platform full of excitement and camaraderie. The highly advanced platform was equipped with the latest sound and light systems in addition to a screen LED, which served as the main playground that showcased the trend of serious gaming tournaments. Each of the sixteen participating teams was provided with comfortable seats equipped with electrical sockets and high-speed internet..

The event was full of excitement and started with a warm welcome to the participants and seating arrangements for the guests, followed by a quick and efficient registration phase. PUBG mobile game rooms are created. PUBG Mobile Prepared with high accuracy to provide players with a level and competitive platform. The events of the game took center stage as 300 players competed in multiple rounds during which they showcased their intelligence and playing strategy..

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Throughout the event, store repsAppGallery Huawei Introduces participants to the latest advanced products and devices. These draws helped maintain a high level of suspense and excitement during the event as 153 winners received prizes varying between Huawei points and headphones. Freebuds 4“And an hour”HUAWEI Watch Fit“And a phone Hawaii Nova 9Finally, the event culminated in the announcement of the winners who were called to the stage to be felicitated at the end of the event..

Cup championship proved AppGallery For mobile games 2023“Its presence and status as an unforgettable gaming event as it delivers on its promise of first-class competition, amazing prizes and an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike. Stay tuned for the latest developments and follow the trends of the tournaments. Mahjar SiteAppGallery Huawei. Don’t miss your chance to attend the most anticipated gaming event of the year!

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