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A robot is working as a school principal in Britain


A prep school in Britain has appointed a “robot” as its principal who works using artificial intelligence technology and is assisted in his work by a traditional human director, making it the first experience of its kind and the first managed school. By a robot.

Cottesmoor School in West Sussex has appointed Abigail Bailey, a purpose-built artificial intelligence robot, to head the school.
A report by British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, said that the school’s (human) principal, Tom Rogerson, said the “robot” or “chatbot” would support him and other teachers in a range of tasks, from writing school policies. Helping Neuroscience Students.

According to the report, the artificial intelligence-powered “robot” works like the popular chat app (ChatGPT), a large linguistic model that has been trained on vast swathes of data that can produce responses similar to human responses. . It was created with the help of an AI developer and, according to the research paper, was created to provide “a wealth of knowledge in machine learning and educational management.”
“Sometimes it’s a very calming effect to have someone or something help you,” said director Rogerson, “and it’s nice to think that someone incredibly well-trained is helping you make a decision,” he added.
It is known that the popularity of artificial intelligence-backed chatbots has flourished since the launch of the ChatGPT program to the public in November last year.

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