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The Advisory Council commends the vision of the ruler of Sharjah in establishing sports and specialty clubs


Sharjah (WAM)
His Highness Sheikh Dr., a member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, is instrumental in expanding the establishment of sports and specialty clubs at the Emirate level. Praised the vision and attitude of Sultan bin Muhammad al-Qasimi. Decisions obtained with the support of clubs to achieve their role in supporting the community for sports training, in raising the quality of youth in sports, in improving their skills, and in advancing sports in line with moral values ​​and national goals.
The Advisory Council, with axes raised by its members in its tenth session, called for the work of the third ordinary session of the Tenth Assembly, which was held yesterday at its headquarters, under the chairmanship of Ali Maihat al-Suwaidi. The Council needs to engage all clubs, especially students, in their various activities and training sessions, in addition to the call to establish an adventure club to help amateurs, to discuss the policy of the Sharjah Sports Council. To practice their games.

The session was attended by Sharjah Sports Council President Isa Hilal Al Hasami, Sharjah Sports Council Vice President Abdul Malik Jani, Dr Abdullah Abdul Rahman bin Sultan, Board Member and Strategic Vision Committee Chairman Abdullah Sultan Al. Tah, team member and chairman of the Sports Investment and Marketing Committee and Abdul Latif Nasser Al Fardan, team member and chairman of the Joint Sports Committee, Nabeel Mohammed bin Ashour, Director of the Department of Sports and Development Affairs and Abdullah Hussein Al Ali, Director of the Support Services Department. In his speech during the session, Isa Hilal Al-Hassami praised the Advisory Committee for its role and interest in overseeing sports affairs, and thanked the Sports Department and its concern for the Committee on Education, Culture, Media and Youth Affairs. Its visits to Emirates clubs over the past year and interest in meeting the Sharjah Sports Council.

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The interventions of the members of the Advisory Board dealt with a number of points, including the Sharjah Sports Council’s orientation in improving financial resources, and the Council’s mechanisms in determining and presenting the budgets of Sharjah Emirate Clubs. The idea is to create a unit in the administrative structure related to the financial control and construction engineering of the clubs, to ensure that the facilities comply with the Olympic specifications, and to establish all the facilities, halls and training halls, and to establish a fund to support the inner roads in the clubs, and to plan the construction of the pavement.
These interventions include adhering to a system of professionalism in individual sports, awarding contracts to reputable players through government support or sponsorships, finding job opportunities for players, and enabling non-governmental professionals to engage themselves in sports in conjunction with social security. Jobs, and the establishment of an adventure sports club that attracts amateurs, housework in civic clubs, and the inclusion of a health insurance system for all club staff under the umbrella of the Sharjah Health Authority, benefiting university players and attracting them to clubs at the Sharjah Sportz Sports Council Establishment of a medical center, which provides all preventive and curative services, as well as post-injury rehabilitation work for athletes, follow-up and examination of all athletes at the beginning of each sports season.

Among the members’ interventions was the dissemination of the Sports Council’s strategic plan to all public and specialized clubs, the creation of an organizational framework for clubs, the questioning of the Council’s role in identifying and attracting talented players, the maintenance of citizens and state-born, training and team and individual databases, and the creation of the Sharjah Sport To what extent is it permissible to combine positions in the Council and the Emirates Club, and the demand for the establishment of specialized sports academies and institutions The role of the Sports Council in promoting tourism through sports activities in a sports city and the establishment of a maintenance workshop in the Old Cars Club, the provision of the latest equipment and tools and the co-operative headquarters for the Sharjah Falconers Club And providing domains.
In addition to the importance of establishing an integrated building and veterinary laboratory, organizing a market for the buying and selling of camels, and enhancing the role of the Sharjah Camel Association by activating other sectors such as Al-Badeh Square and Al-Bahais. Inquire about the establishment of a live interactive digital platform that displays the square, all kinds of sports activities and events, the establishment of mini-sports complexes in residential environments and the provision of qualified citizens for coaches and the start date of the Sharjah Academy of Sports Sciences and the establishment of a game. The club is located in the Al Qaros area of ​​Al Thaid, and the importance of supporting the sport of the disabled by establishing an integrated center for the rehabilitation of the disabled, which provides psychological and therapeutic services.
Members also submitted questions on the management of the Sports Council, the audit mechanism, financial and administrative control based on the work of the clubs, the solution to the management tasks, the qualifications of those who excel in the technical fields, and the promotion of clubs to diversify their resources. Holding the Income and Annual Sports Exhibition and Conference next year at the Sharjah Expo Center. In response to the interventions of the members of the Advisory Board, His Excellency Isa Hilal Al-Hassami also spoke on the continuation of modernization in various aspects of sports, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad also pointed out their growth in light of their great support and enthusiasm. Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, emphasizes the Council’s continuity in supporting sports buildings and players, as well as positive interaction with elements of the community, its bodies, organizations and individuals.
The session reviewed the harvest and sports plans of Sharjah clubs. The total number of medals won by 17 clubs in the emirate reached 1,570, including 643 gold, 469 silver and 458 bronze.

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The Vice President of the Sports Council, its members and directors of the departments clarified the work of the Council and the continuity of the business organization in sports investment, the development of talented players, the expansion of clubs and the pursuit of various structures. And only the achievement of a leap in sports affairs and the plans of the Council.

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