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The Amiga 500 will return as a smaller platform for $ 139 next year

The Amiga 500 will return as a smaller platform for $ 139 next year

It looks like the Commodore Amiga A500, popular since the 1980s, will receive a miniature console version.

The news comes from Retro Games Project The Amiga 500 Mini will go on sale early next year for $ 139.99. The mini-game console will feature a collection of 25 games, including Worms, The Chaos Engine and Simon the Wizard.

The system started Amiga 500 Original in 1987 as the most economical device from the Commodore. The device sold for $ 699 (equivalent to $ 1,600 in 2021), but it was economical enough to become a Commodore model. Best seller One of the most popular early models of gaming computers.

Games are included

The stage is ready A500 Mini Re-create that experience with the classic device and taste with the most advanced Commodore computers. “The A500 Mini features the perfect version of the A500 chip (OCS) and the upgraded chipset (ECS), and later the Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) chip from the A1200,” the official Retro Games announcement said.

Although there are only 25 games on the platform, the Amiga A500 Mini comes with one option External download Play more games with the USB memory stick. You can also upload files and settings that you can modify if you wish.

Gear has a storage upgrade feature that makes it even easier to get back to more difficult games. All titles will work at 720p and 60Hz update rates for the model sold in the US.

The A500 Mini has the same keyboard you see, both CPU and GPU. As a modern addition to the new device, you will have the option to play with a control grip inspired by the classic device, with the addition of a mouse with the same elegance. You will not connect the device to the big screen like before, the new site will support the connection for modern TVs or Computer screens Via an HDMI cable.

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The A500 Mini is the latest Classic sites Which brings us back. In 2018, retro games were also made Start again Commodore 64C64 Mini platform, now available Amazon For $ 37.99.