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The best-selling cars in the US in 2023


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The United States has had a decades-long love affair with small trucks, with Ford car sales topping the charts for the forty-second year in a row in 2023, represented by its “F” truck, followed by the Chevrolet “Silverado” in second place, and then the “Ram” in third place, Toyota's best-selling car. , “Rao-4”, enters the competitive race in its broadest form.

The fourth-placed “Rao-4” compact crossover succeeded in further closing the sales gap between it and the “Ram” pickup truck from Stellandis, to 10,000 units from about 133,000 last year in 2020. 8.8% growth overall. Sales for 2023 compared to 2022.

“Sales of the Toyota RAV4 show that people want smaller, cheaper SUVs, and the fact that there is a hybrid version is very popular with American consumers,” said Cox Automotive executive analyst Michelle Krebs.

Evan Drury of Edmonds points out that the RAV4 and the sixth-selling Honda CR-V offer something completely different from traditional American pickups. Amid rising interest rates and economic uncertainty, smaller, more economical vehicles fit the lifestyles and budgets of many Americans.

A Motor Insights report indicates that automakers in the U.S. will sell 15.6 million vehicles in 2023, a 12.3% increase over the previous year. That compares with more than 17 million cars sold in 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic turned the global car market upside down.

Here are the 10 best-selling cars in the US in 2023:

  1. F-150 pickup truck and its larger Ford siblings: 750,789 vehicles (14.8% growth in 2022).
  2. General Motors' Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck: 543,780 vehicles (5.9% growth from 2022).
  3. Stellandis Ram Pickup Truck: 444,926 vehicles (down 5% from 2022).
  4. Toyota RAV-4 compact crossover: 434,943 vehicles (8.8% growth in 2022).
  5. Tesla Model Y: 394,497 vehicles (56.5% growth in 2022).
  6. Honda CR-V: 361,457 vehicles (51.8% growth in 2022).
  7. GMC Sierra Truck: 295,737 vehicles (22.4% growth over 2022).
  8. Toyota Camry: 290,649 vehicles (down 1.5% from 2022).
  9. Nissan Rogue: 271,458 vehicles (45.6% growth in 2022).
  10. Jeep Grand Cherokee: 244,594 vehicles (9.5% growth in 2022).
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