May 30, 2023

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The “Book of Saeed” encourages dialogue with various civilizations

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The Sheikh Saeed Book Award at the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center, affiliated with Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism, continues to enhance its global presence by enabling greater collaboration with the world’s leading cultural and educational institutions. In various fields, it intends to hold virtual series of seminars in the future, in collaboration with the SOAS, the Oriental and African Studies Institute of the University of London, exploring ways to enhance cultural integration, dialogue and collaboration. Different civilizations.

Virtual seminars to be held at the Institute on April 28, May 12 and 31 and next June 14 under the guidance of Wen Sen Oyang, Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature, will discuss the role of translation efforts. Combining literary and creative perspectives between countries and the presence of Arabic literature in culture, with the participation of a panel of winners and shortlisted candidates, and many experts in the field of writing, publishing and translation.

Joint links

The award’s general secretary and chairman of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center, Dr. Ali bin Tamim said: “Collaborative and collaborative affiliations with many cultural and educational institutions and organizations have contributed to its wide publicity, and it has led to its presence among intellectuals, academics and creators.

We are proud to collaborate with the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, this pioneering and prestigious educational building, due to its great efforts in the field of introducing privacy and prosperity to the region. Culture and the projects of its creators for different living languages ​​without prejudice, which enhances the existence and comprehensiveness of the award and introduces it to a wider global scope.

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Literary effect

Professor Wen Chen Oyang, Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature, said: “I’m proud to collaborate with this year’s Sheikh Zayed Book Award.