April 1, 2023

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The case of poisoning of female students in Iran continues

Intercepting new Iranian weapons shipments to the Houthis… and increasing Western concerns over enrichment

Friday – 10 Shaaban 1444 AH – 03 March 2023 AD Issue no. [16166]

Paris: Michael Abu Najm – Aden: Ali Rabi – London. Tehran: “Asharq al-Awsad”

The poisoning of high school students continues in Iran, with more than 40 new cases reported in the northwestern city of Ardabil. The Coordinating Committee of Teachers Unions reported that schoolgirls were poisoned in Ardabil and suffered from suffocation, sore throat, weakness and nausea.
The incident comes at a time when a video showing security forces assaulting the mother of a female student in civilian clothes has sparked widespread controversy among Iranians.
UNICEF said on Twitter that it was “following reports of cases of poisoning of schoolgirls”. On Wednesday evening, the US State Department urged Iran to investigate reports that schoolgirls have been poisoned in various schools in recent months.
In another matter, the British and US navies yesterday (Thursday) announced the interception of an “Iranian” arms ship in a boat in the Gulf of Oman, the seventh in 3 months, that was bound for the Houthis. in Yemen. The British Navy said the seized weapons ship included anti-tank missiles and parts for medium-range ballistic missiles. He explained that the surgery was done on 23rd of last month.
On the other hand, Western concern has increased over a recent report by the International Atomic Energy Agency that talked about Iran’s uranium enrichment of more than 80 percent. Yesterday, Paris said the matter was “extremely worrying”.
More than 40 people have been injured in recent “poison attacks” on Iranian girls’ schools
Seventh Iranian weapons ship sent to Houthis intercepted in 3 months

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