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The “city of Mashwar” continues its path in the Arab world


It seeks to create an artistic sense that flies to many places and distances (Facebook)

Do not leave the Palestinian artist Talal Abu Amna The media space is successful, reached or spread, on the contrary, it seeks to elevate the structure it has established.Palestinian song tradition On the one hand, his musical vision towards the aforementioned private works, on the other.

Talal walks on two parallel lines, which sometimes intersect and at other times diverge. As al-Arabi told al-Jadeed, he is proud of the celebration he received from the audience when he was disbanded as a result of the show’s first season and his recent trip to many countries.Mishwar StWill be displayed on the screenArabic TVHe reveals: “I am now preparing for the second season of the project, which will be Palestinian and Arabian, each time we document the Palestinian woman’s journey to the Arab world, where we talk about the aesthetics of nature, and the similarities and differences with Palestinian space, home architecture and song. , And we provide traditional lyrics that belong to the country we are visiting.

Abu Amna wants to document Palestinian traditional songs, with the aim of describing key stages in the lives of the people in the occupied territories so that new generations can listen to their archives and lyrics unchanged. In this perspective, he will begin his journey in the second season, traveling to Arab cities and capitals, an extension and unity with the vocabulary-rich Palestinian tradition in his songs.

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Abu Amne points out that the channel is preparing with the management to film episodes of the second season by the end of this year, adding: “This is a new opportunity to connect the people with each other. I feel the people. In all the shows I have given in international capitals, Palestinian women have joined me in singing for the soil, for life and for mankind, and in scenes that have had a profound impact on those who have seen them, it is our duty to create these images in vivid images that are passed on from generation to generation.

Abu Amna, a doctor in brain and neuroscience, believes that before becoming a researcher, physician and artist, his purpose as a human being is to seek self, and says: “During this process, a person seeks happiness, regardless of his gender, color and race. Assignment in the world. Being the mystery of passion, God has empowered me with some tools by which I can express different things, which is what I seek to implement in my life. I grew up in a country under the occupation of fighting with creators, trying to destroy our Palestinian identity and steal our heritage, and through the research I have conducted and used, I know the great impact of music and its vibrations on the human brain. I consider music to be an excellent tool for those who misuse their ideas in a demonic way and, in turn, use music in positively inspiring ways, and I find a connection between the Sufi texts that most people agree on. From here, the idea for the Sufi album “Noor” began, because as religion has become political, religious rituals have become shallower and more formal, in my opinion, the depth of true religion, which I seek.

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In a parallel line, Abu Amna always strives to create an artistic sense that can fly far and wide in every new thing, like a butterfly in the flowers of modern song that descends into her voice today. The rapture was completed a few days ago when artist Qasim Younis finished recording his latest lyrics titled “Navara”, which is set to be released in a few weeks.

He says: “I offer a song that is similar to my soul and makes me go far. The Lord of the worlds has given voice as a sign to express my feelings, so I present myself in the way I speak to people. I’m proud. “

On the other hand, waiting for a brief Arab tour covering Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia in July and August will be full of Talal Abu Amna singing and meeting the public throughout the summer. His voice and lyrics, and he was the first to see the “Fuhais Festival” audience in Jordan. The concert will take place on August 13 as part of the thirtieth session of the festival.

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