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The colors of the spots on the tongue determine the type of disease you are suffering from

D + D – Normal size

Dr. Valentin Shishkin confirmed that each color had colored spots that indicated the presence of a disease.

According to the doctor: “White color on the tongue may indicate an infection of the digestive system, or diseases of the respiratory system, lungs and endocrine system, for example, it may indicate diabetes.”

Also, “gray or dark brown may indicate inflammation of the stomach or intestines, and yellow or brown may indicate liver or diabetic disease.”

Sydney Emergency Dentists, an Australian dentist who specializes in providing emergency dental services in the Australian city of Sydney, revealed how the tongue can provide indicators of public health and when you should go to the doctor if there is a small change. According to the “Daily Mail” newspaper, British.

These include sudden white spots on the tongue, a strawberry-like appearance, or unusual or painful tumors.

White spots on the tongue usually develop as a result of poor oral hygiene, smoking or chronic alcoholism.

Cleaning the tongue after brushing the teeth while brushing teeth can change daily oral hygiene, but if you do not notice a change after a week or two of brushing the tongue, you may need to go to a doctor for an examination.

Experts explained that white spots on the tongue may be the result of a yeast infection or a symptom of leukoplakia, which is usually the result of smoking or alcohol consumption, and it is easy for doctors to diagnose. Hold both events.

Pink tongue may be a sign that the taste buds are responding poorly to certain foods, such as folic acid or (vitamin B12), stress, or vitamin deficiency, and one of the most common causes is dry mouth, so it is desirable to maintain moisture.

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Mild strawberry tongue with sore throat is often a symptom of an infection such as strep throat or scarlet fever.

Bumps on the tongue are usually caused by food you have recently eaten, especially if it is hot or spicy, and they will go away naturally, but if your tongue feels uncomfortable, it could be a sore throat or herpes.

Your tongue may become slightly swollen after drinking a hot cup of coffee or accidentally biting your tongue instead of food, and the swelling will go away automatically, but experts recommend licking ice cubes to speed things up.

For serious infections, they may indicate your sensitivity to the foods you eat.