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The death toll in the fall of the October bridge sign that happened overnight.. and the weather forecast reveals


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03 June 2023 Saturday

Books – Ahmed Abdel Monim:

Last night, till the wee hours of Saturday, witnessed several important events at the local and international levels, the most important of which are:

They were swallowed up by Lake Karun.

On Friday evening, the Ibshwe prosecutor issued an emergency decision regarding 3 children who drowned in one of the agricultural drainage lakes in the second village, within the local unit of Karoun village in Yusuf al-Siddiq center in Fayoum governorate.

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30% rain
The Meteorological Authority announced the weather conditions for tomorrow, Saturday, which is expected to see a decrease in temperature in the north of the country as far as Greater Cairo and Northern Upper Egypt, with values ​​of up to 4:5 degrees; Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt will experience hot weather during the day, hot on the northern coast, very hot in southern Sinai and the south of the country.
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Public lawsuit reveals number of victims of October bridge sign collapse
The Public Prosecution ordered the formation of an engineering team from the Cairo Governorate; To survey the land where the ad was located, a collapsed ad banner atop the October Bridge in Cairo.
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The Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation after an advertising banner fell on the October bridge
The Public Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Public Prosecutor Hamada El-Zawi, is investigating the collapse of an advertising banner atop Cairo’s October Bridge.
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till late at night.. “Al-Azhar Exams” Head Checks in High School Certificate Committees
Sheikh Ahmed Abdel-Azim, Head of the Central Examination Administration of Al-Azhar Institutes Sector, continued the latest preparations for the secondary school examinations that begin tomorrow, Saturday morning.
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The Strawberry Moon…a magical astronomical phenomenon in the world’s skies
Tomorrow, Saturday, the world will witness June’s full moon, known as the “Strawberry Moon,” and it will shine close to a bright star in the constellation Scorpius.
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US President’s wife visits Al-Azhar Mosque in hijab
Today, US First Lady, Jill Biden, wearing a long blue robe and headscarf, visited the Al-Azhar Mosque; Regarding the traditions of entering mosques.
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She sets up a gallows for herself.. A woman ends her life in a village in Minya.
In a village in the center of Minya, a woman hanged herself under mysterious circumstances by setting up a gallows on the ceiling with a rope.
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Dozens killed in deadly train accident in India
Dozens of people were killed in a deadly train accident in India on Friday evening, according to several local media outlets.
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