August 10, 2022

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The disaster that shook Lebanon.. The tragic accident that kidnapped 8 members of the same family

The disaster that shook Lebanon.. The tragic accident that kidnapped 8 members of the same family

A truck carrying rocks rammed into a family car, killing the father, mother, their four children (two sons and two daughters), son-in-law and a truck driver.

And the traffic control page on Twitter said that a truck and a car collided in the Wadi Atta area. ArsalAs a result, 7 members of a family died, while it later emerged that the truck driver was also close to the family, and social media sites were flooded with pictures of the tragic accident.

Civil defense sources told Sky News Arabia, “During the rescue operation, our personnel used hydraulic tools to recover the bodies and they were working to put out the fire in the truck.”

Arsal Mayor Basil Al-Hujairi told “Sky News Arabia”, “The truck driver later died at Gitawi Hospital from burns. Beirut“.

He said the driver was a resident of Arsal and the family’s neighbor and relative Deep Khata.

Al-Hujairi explained the course of the accident: “The accident happened in the afternoon on an internal road between houses. It is known that this road is crowded with townspeople at this time. Fruits from the orchards.”

Al-Hujairi added: “The truck driver lost control and it was loaded with a large amount of rocks, which they brought from the top of the Arzali cargo from an area called Quarry.”

The local official continued, “Many cars were also damaged in the accident,” making it difficult to identify the bodies due to the fire. Arsal situation is very sad, victims are waiting to be buried.”

Lawyer Ziad Aql, founder of Elisa, which is involved in raising awareness about traffic accidents, told Sky News Arabia: “We are sorry that this tragedy took the lives of an entire family.”

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Akl said: “We demand that an investigation be opened to find out how the accident happened,” noting, “Most of the time, the investigation takes place in the area. Lebanon ritual.”

Aqel “regretted the occurrence of this disaster, which indicates that traffic shocks are moving upward in Lebanon. I hope that the internal security forces will intervene effectively to contribute to awareness and the possibility of human security in Lebanon.”

The city of Arsal is located in the eastern Lebanon mountain range, and it shares a 50 km border line with Syria in northern Bekaa, 38 km from Baalbek, the district’s center.