April 2, 2023

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The doctor identifies a very important food item for a man’s sexual strength



Geologist Yevgeny Kolkovsk said the lack of meat in men’s diet often negatively affects their sexual ability.

The doctor said that some men modify their diet according to their own ideas about healthy lifestyle without consulting experts and this sometimes causes their body to lose essential nutrients.

According to him, a man is not allowed to lose meat completely because it will disrupt the sexual function of his body.

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The expert added that smoking, alcohol and insomnia affect men’s health as well as dietary protein deficiency affects men’s health.

“Avoiding meat can lead to imbalance in sexual energy, but it is wrong to say that it plays an important role,” he said.

The doctor noted that some men have a “strong sexual system” and maintain their sexual abilities in the presence of unfavorable factors.

Explaining the need for meat to a man, he said: “Meat contains cholesterol, which is involved in the synthesis of testosterone in lactic-cells, as well as leucine – an amino acid that is very important for building and maintaining muscle mass.”

At the same time, excessive consumption of meat leads to disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system and negatively affects the erection.

Source: RIA Novosti

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