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The Egyptian series did not reach the Ramadan season


The Egyptian series did not reach the Ramadan season

They include “Warrior,” “Assassin” and “The Black Record.”

Monday – 6 Shaban 1444 AH – February 27, 2023 AD

“Game 4” family

Cairo: Mahmoud al-Rifai

At the start of the 2023 Ramadan drama season, producers of several Egyptian series announced that they would withdraw from competing in the Ramadan 2023 drama season, due to issues related to production and filming or some crisis related to the heroes of the work.
On top of the series that was expected to be shown during the holy month and was postponed due to production, is artist Karim Abdel Aziz’s series “The Hashashin” who dropped out of the race due to difficulties in completing his shoot. A short time, he needs a long time to prepare for his historical story.
Abdel Aziz said in television reports that the reason for the postponement of the works for the Ramadan 2024 season was to implement work decorations that were produced and filmed in three countries, in addition to showing Egypt in a period without electricity or water networks. .
Artist Hassan al-Radat’s series, “The Warrior,” was also postponed for the same reason, and al-Radat said on his official Facebook page: “The amount of work and the preparations it requires require more time. We decided to postpone it in the interest of me and the crew of the series to make it a great drama for the 2024 Ramzan season.
Among the comic series expected to air during the holy month, “The Game 4” has been postponed after its producers wanted to postpone it until after Ramadan, when it would have actually finished filming. It will be shown for a period of 6 weeks via the “Watch VIP” platform.
It has been officially announced that Egyptian artist Ola Khanem’s “Doha” series has dropped out of the race due to his personal issues, which affected the start of filming. Asim El-Minawi, the producer of the series, told Asharq Al-Awsad that “shooting of the series has not yet started due to the special circumstances of its protagonists”.
The list of series that have confirmed their exit from the Ramadan race also includes Khaled Selim’s “The Black Record”, Fifi Abdo’s “The Last Time”, Mahmoud Abdel-Mokhni’s “Scorpions Hunting” and “The Ladies’ House”. Hasan Yusuf and Afaf Shuaib. Although artist Mohammad Faraq’s “Baton of the Whale” is expected to be out of the race this year, the makers of the work have not yet announced the channels for its presentation, but its hero artist Mohamed Faraq denied the news. , and Al-Sharq told Al-Awsad: “Until this moment, we have not come out of the continuous Ramadan race, and no one has spoken to me officially and publicly about it.
It has become a “regular thing” for some Egyptian series announced to drop out of the Ramadan race each year, Egyptian critic Ayman Al-Hakim told Asharq Al-Awsad: “Most producers don’t start filming before selling their series to satellite channels, and if they make sure there is a deal or contract, They have financial liquidity, speeding up the shooting and the resulting complications.
Al-Hakim pointed out, “Most of the series released in the 2023 drama race are divided into two categories; First, the big series sponsored by big production houses like The Assassins came out in a better way. As for the second category, the weaker series are made. In order to market them outside and the manufacturer would benefit from any financial returns from them, they came out because of the inability of the manufacturer to market them well. ».


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