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The Emirates A380 network is gaining speed as travel demand continues to increase


Dubai: “Gulf”
Emirates Airlines has announced that it will be expanding its A380 to more destinations across its network over the next two months, in response to continued easing of travel restrictions and growing demand around the world. Compared to the current 16 cities, the number of places served by the giant aircraft is projected to reach 27 cities by the end of November.
The Emirates A380 is constantly preferred by travelers, thanks to its quiet and spacious cabins, with modern amenities that make the flight an unforgettable experience. The airline is gradually stabilizing its reputed aircraft and is calculated in line with the progress of the travel industry in the growth and recovery path of demand. With 11 routes added to the A380 network by November, Emirates is on the verge of offering customers an additional 165,000 seats on the A380 as the number of flights currently served by these airlines increases.
Cities where Emirates will gradually restore A380 service include popular tourist and business destinations such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Johannesburg, Madrid, Milan, Riyadh (after government approval), Sao Paulo and Zurich. A new destination will join the A380 network, with daily service to Istanbul scheduled to begin on October 1, the first time for the A380 in Turkey.
118 flights by the end of the year
Emirates is the operator of the world’s largest A380 aircraft, and the fleet of this type will reach 118 aircraft by the end of the year, including 6 aircraft fitted with premium economy class seats in 4 classes. The carrier currently serves more than 120 cities with regular flights, representing 90% of its network prior to the epidemic, and is advancing with efforts to recover 70% capacity by the end of the year with revenue of over 50A380. For flight service.
Emirates Airlines is expanding its operations in its global network, increasing the need to travel to Dubai and other destinations without allowing individuals and vaccinators to be isolated. Dubai has received more than 4 million visitors, including tourists and businessmen, as it opened its doors to global travel in July 2020. The city is getting ready before the start of “Expo 2020 Dubai” to get visitors. The world’s largest gathering over a six-month period will include live performances, entertainment events and workshops, national halls and futuristic experiences.
Travelers love the Emirates A380 experience thanks to the extra legroom and industry-wide screens to enjoy a great deal of content in Emirates’ unique ice information, communication and entertainment system. First and business class travelers can also enjoy private rooms, shower spas, flat beds and saloons on board.
Premium Economy Class
In December 2020, Emirates unveiled its first 4-class A380 aircraft with a premium economy class cabin. By next November, this class will include the aircraft’s fleet of six aircraft with seats and new interior designs.
Health and Safety: Emirates has led the industry in its efforts to alleviate travel stress because it protects the health of its customers to ensure they are safe and confident when making their travel decisions. The airline uses the latest health and safety measures at every step of the journey. It has recently introduced contactless technology to facilitate customer transportation through Dubai International Airport and has upgraded its digital verification capabilities to offer its customers more opportunities to benefit from IATA Passports this summer.
Travel Insurance: Emirates continues to maintain its leadership in the industry with innovative products and services that cater to the needs of travelers in these unusual and changing circumstances. The airline has recently strengthened its customer care efforts with more generous and flexible booking policies, and has expanded its insurance plan against various risks, enabling its customers to maintain their mileage and deck position in the Emirates Skyward plan.
Emirates Airlines urges its customers to check the latest government travel restrictions in their countries and destinations to ensure that they meet their final destination requirements.

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