March 23, 2023

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The Emirates Search and Rescue Team provides practical training to members of the Syrian Civil Defense

The Emirates Search and Rescue Team, based at its headquarters in the city of Jableh in the Syrian governorate of Latakia, qualifies and trains members of the Syrian Civil Defense to professionally handle emergency situations.

After completing the theoretical process, the participants of the course receive several practical topics related to the nature of civil defense work, especially in the field of search and rescue, which requires good practice to improve their performance.

The course falls within the framework of joint bilateral cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and the Syrian Arab Republic and is keen to exchange and transfer experiences, expertise and knowledge within the framework of search, rescue and emergency and operations. “The Gallant Knight 2”.

Lieutenant Colonel Hamad Muhammad Al-Kaabi, Commander of the Emirates Search and Rescue Team in Syria, said the training course, which initially consisted of theoretical lessons, moved to applying practical lessons in the field in real events. The training of the participants and their professional handling of the advanced technical equipment they received during this course. Also dedicated to search and rescue, the course assessed participants’ skills, brought them up to professional level, and provided them with the necessary skills to perform their duties with high professionalism and efficiency.

It is noteworthy that the equipment trained by the civil defense soldiers was donated by the government for the benefit of the Syrian civil defense. Commissioned for search and rescue and used in “The Gallant Knight 2” operations.