March 25, 2023

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The first "lunar disk" discovery could change the rules of astronomy

The first “lunar disk” discovery could change the rules of astronomy

Astronomers have long discovered planetary disks because these disks are considered to be the first building blocks for the formation of large planets such as Earth and other planets in the solar system.

Scientists have long believed that planets are formed by primary planetary disks orbiting stars, but they have pointed out that moons have another origin, for example, they are not limited, and they are considered a separate entity. Mother planet. Named the “GQ Lupi B”, it orbits its parent star in an orbit 20 times larger than Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun.

According to an article published in the “scitechdaily” magazine, this discovery helped to develop a new theory that moons form not only from planets but also from planetary disks.

The research was carried out by a team of scientists led by Dr. Thomas Stolker from the University of Leiden, who explored the planet and explored the properties of the “proto-lunar disk” around the Exoplanet. GQ Lupi B “is outside the Solar System, which he called” Super Jupiter “, about 500 light-years away.

Stolker’s team collected data using very large telescopes and infrared images, in addition to a visible-light spectrometer. The chapter where the moon began to unite.

Using alpha rays, the researchers were able to detect features of the planet’s atmosphere and observe that the planet was still in the developing stage, delivering material from its protoplanetary disk or extracting material from its protoplanetary disk. Star.

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