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The first teaser video for GTA 6 is out tomorrow


By Mounis Hawass

Monday, December 4, 2023 at 06:00 PM

Rockstar Games has released some new details… GTA 6 Game After many leaks and rumours, the release date of the first trailer for the next installment of the popular Grand Theft Auto series was much anticipated as the game developer announced it.

The gaming studio has taken to the social media platform, which has already garnered over 150 million views.

Rockstar released GTA 5, the last installment in the GTA series, almost a decade ago. Later, with over 185 million copies sold, the game became the second best-selling video game of all time after Minecraft.

Rockstar has been rumored to be developing GTA 6 for years, but the company officially confirmed the game’s release in February 2022. Earlier, gaming company Sam Houser announced that Rockstar is planning to release the trailer in December. In conjunction with the company’s 25th anniversary. .

The popular GTA franchise

The first game in the GTA series was released in 1997. Meanwhile, there were several spin-off releases of these installments on various platforms, GTA IV was released in 2008 and fans had to wait another five years before GTA V was released.

At this time, the company is about to release the next part after more than a decade. The wait is probably related to the multiplayer version of the game, GTA Online, and that version generates huge amounts of revenue for the company every year.

The franchise is so popular that GTA V has been re-released several times and is available on three separate generations of home consoles. Recently, Rockstar announced an exclusive deal with Netflix to bring several of its titles to the giant gaming franchise. GTA 3 and Vice City and San Andreas will be available to Netflix mobile subscribers starting December 14.

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