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“The foundation for the election” … What do Libyans expect from the Cairo talks?


Passed Egyptian foreign He expressed confidence that the outcome of those meetings would be in line with the aspirations of the Libyans. Elections The President and Parliament simultaneously elect the executive and legislative branches.

Cairo reaffirmed its confidence in the Joint Committee’s efforts Libya On the path of stability, security and development, I urge both sides to seize the opportunity to be together during this tour to address pending issues.

Special sources who attended the meeting told “Sky News Arabia” that members of the delegation, the State Supreme Council and the International Ambassador to Libya Stephanie Williams attended the meeting, and no one backed down.

Sources confirmed that at the end of the tour both sides will release a report on the reach.

The first round of consultations ended without an agreement being reached by the differing views of the two councils. According to the 12th Amendment, which was released two months ago, a referendum must be held on the constitution, which will hold parliamentary and presidential elections.

The tour saw disagreements over the flag, country name, anthem, system of government and the source of the law, and experts agreed that they would be resolved if each party dismissed certain demands.

More hope

Libyan political analyst Sultan al-Baroni told Sky News Arabia that there was now more confidence in the proposals, and that reports from both sides confirm that the disputed issues could be resolved.

Al-Baroni added, “The important thing now is to get the constitutional basis for holding parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible, which is why the elections were postponed last December.”

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According to the “Pausnica Act”, the House of Representatives and the state are divided into two bodies, which must agree to form the foundations of the legislature, the first being the law and the second the consent.

“The remaining differences are small and will not impede key discussions related to the election. If agreed on constitutional grounds, things will be resolved,” the spokesman stressed.

In the same vein, Libyan political analyst Ibrahim al-Fidori told Sky News Arabia that he expects more than a consensus session on a number of issues, “that it is now impossible to agree on a date for holding elections.”

Al-Fidoori added, “After the election talks have completely disappeared, there is a crisis in reaching an agreement to re-enact the elections.”

“This postponement has allowed political forces threatened with defeat in the elections to revive their confidence in the political scene again,” he pointed out.

In the run-up to the presidential election in 6 to 12 months, al-Fidori explained that “I expect an agreement to hold parliamentary elections now,” stressing that “the presence of the ambassador to Egypt and the UN in consultations is important to ensure seriousness.” Negotiations between the two sides. “

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