January 28, 2023

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The Future Museum shows off its pioneering efforts to preserve the planet

The Future Museum shows off its pioneering efforts to preserve the planet

The Future Museum celebrates World Environment Day on June 5 each year, in line with its efforts at the local and international levels in support of global sustainability goals, the first of which is to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change. , The museum represents a platform for investing in clean energy projects, and accelerating innovations in sustainable agricultural practices and creating a better future for mankind.
In this context, the museum highlights its efforts in raising awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and offers its visitors innovative experiences to enhance their knowledge of ways to cope with the challenges posed by our planet’s living conditions and high rates. Environmental Disasters.
In this context, the Museum must engage its visitors and followers on social media to take a consistent approach to protecting the environment and climate, to contribute to global efforts to protect the planet and ensure a better future for all.

A stable future for the planet
In this context, Majeed Al-Mansouri, Deputy Managing Director of the Museum of the Future, said: “Sustainability, environmental protection and resource conservation are the priorities of the future museum for building future communities, and we have developed the museum to ensure that all its facilities adhere to sustainability standards without compromising on sustainability standards. , Demonstrates that taking immediate action can make a significant contribution to environmental protection efforts, and from this position, in the future museum, we have highlighted the steps to follow: to protect the environment, to protect natural resources, to reduce the use of plastic-free packaging and reusable shopping bags, to supply the use of plastic bottles .
Al-Mansouri added: “We are inspired by the importance of the importance of inculcating ideas of sustainability and environmental protection among new generations, and we are using advanced technology in the future museum to shape the future and develop responsive plans.
The Natural Rehabilitation Laboratory is one of the museum’s unique experiences
As part of its efforts to support sustainability, conservation of nature and conservation of the planet’s resources, the Future Museum has dedicated an entire site to the “Natural Rehabilitation Laboratory”, which offers visitors a unique view of the functions and effects of ecosystems. Climate change and the functions that humans perform on them through digital simulations.
Providing a digital simulator of the real area of ​​the Amazon rainforest in Leticia, Colombia with the highest level of realism, the rainforest ecosystem simulator helps guests better understand nature and their responsibility towards it, and motivates them to create solutions accordingly. Consistency.

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The key driver of sustainability
Sustainability is a key driver for the future museum, as the museum encourages its visitors to use public transport, and the number of parking spaces for the museum is determined to encourage visitors to use sustainable transportation, as well as the Independence Dubai Metro station, which is directly connected to the museum by a private bridge. Gives its audience the ability to do.
The museum is designed to meet environmental and sustainability standards, and receives a high percentage of its energy from the solar panels on its facade, as well as a smart irrigation system dedicated to its garden, with over 100 varieties. Native plants that can adapt to the Emirates climate, with hundreds of common plants thriving on the museum’s unique green mates growing naturally along the Middle East coast. To fully reflect the local diversity and richness of the natural environment of the museum. Based on the ideas of sustainability that the museum follows by relying on advanced technology, it essentially reflects the museum’s view of human interaction with the place where he lives.
The museum also provides an educational platform that represents the “Future Conversations” series, which provides the world’s elite with a scientific mindset, aimed at shedding light on the pressing issues facing humanity, primarily environmental and sustainability issues and communication that contributes to improving dialogue and providing better solutions for the future.

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